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Opening Hours

Main Library(since 2017.2.20)

 Mon.-Fri.Sat & Sun.
Reader Services 08:00~22:00 09:20~17:00
8F Archives of Taihoku High School 10:00~12:00
4F-7F Reading Area 08:00~21:30 09:20~17:00
3F Microforms Room Closed Closed

2F Smile Learning Commons

     Reference Desk Service

08:10~21:00 10:00~16:00
1F Circulation Desk Service 08:20~21:30 09:20~16:45
B1 Study Room 18:00~7:00(the next day) 18:00-7:00(the next day)
  • Closing days: Chinese New Year holidays and others national and school holiday.
  • The library hours may change in summer vacation and winter vacation.

Gongguan Branch Library

 Mon.-Fri.Sat. & Sun. 
Reader Services 08:00~21:00 09:20~17:00
4F-7F Reading Area 08:00~21:00 09:20~17:00
3F Smile Learning Commons 08:00~21:00 09:20~17:00
1F Circulation Desk Service 08:00~21:00 09:20~16:40
1F Reading Space 08:00~22:00 09:20~17:00
  • Closing days: Chinese New Year holidays and others national and school holidays.
  • The library hours may change in summer vacation and  winter vacation.

Linkou Branch Library

 Mon.-Fri.Sat. & Sun.
Reader Services 08:00~21:00 09:00~17:00
Circulation Desk Service 08:20~20:40 09:20~16:40
Smile Learning Commons 08:00~21:00 09:00~17:00
Study Room 08:00~21:00 09:00~17:00
Mutimedia Service 08:20~20:40 09:20~16:40


2019 winter vocation library hours (2019.01.14-02.17)


Main library





GongGuan library 08:00-21:00 09:20-17:00 09:20-17:00 Closed
LinKou library 08:00-17:00 09:20-17:00 Closed Closed

1. The GongGuan  library adjustes Friday opening hour(08:20-17:00)  from Jan 28 to Jan 31.

2. All the libraries adjust the opening hour(09:20-17:00) at Jan 19th, Feb 1st and Feb 11th.

2. All the libraries is closed from Feb 2nd to Feb 10th  for the Chinese New Year holiday.

3. All the libraries adjuste the opeining hour to the Regular Semester hour since Feb 18th.


Department LibraryOpening hourLocationTelephone
Library of the Chinese Department 

09:00~16:30(12:00~12:30 Closed);

Saturday & Sunday closed

College of Literature

Cin Building 2F

Library of the Graduate institute of Chinese

09:00~16:30(12:00~12:30 Closed);

Saturday & Sunday Closed

College of Literature

Cin Building B1

Library of the English Department Serials Room 08:30~17:00
Book Storage 09:00~17:00

College of Literature

Pu Building 

B1 & 1F

Library of the History Department

08:30~17:00(12:00~13:00 Closed);

Saturday & Sunday Closed

College of Literature

Cin building 3F

Library of the Fine Arts Department Monday to Friday:
09:00~12:00; 14:00~20:00

Department of Fine Arts



Main Library study Room

There is a studying room on B1 in the Main Library which is available for NTNU students. It is open from 18:00 to 07:00(the next day)  every day except the national holidays.

Location: B1 study Room

Opening hour:

1.Regular Semester:  18:00- 7:00  (the next day)

2.Midterm Exam and Final Exam : 24 hours

Midterm and Final Exam in 2019

Midterm exam from April 8 to 19th, 2019 0:00-24:00(24hours)
Final exam from June 10th to 21th,2019 0:00-24:00(24hours)
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