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Journal TitleDatabaseISSNImpact FactorYearNote
SCHOOL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Wiley Online Library(原名Wiley InterScience) 00366803 19498594 1997~ 1997~
School science and mathematics [microform] 紙本期刊 0036-6803
School science and mathematics [microform] [西文紙本期刊] 00366803 ~
School shop [西文紙本期刊] 0036682X ~
School shop 紙本期刊 0036-682X
School shop/tech directions 紙本期刊 1050-3749
School shop/tech directions [西文紙本期刊] 10503749 ~
School shop/tech directions [microform] [西文紙本期刊] ~
School social work journal [西文紙本期刊] 01615653 ~
School social work journal 紙本期刊 0161-5653
School Social Work Journal OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) 01615653 01615653 Apr-06~ Apr-06~
School social work journal [microform] [西文紙本期刊] 01615653 ~
School Talk Education Journals (ProQuest系統) 10832939 1-Feb-1998~1-Jul-2011 1-Feb-1998~1-Jul-2011
Schools in the Middle Education Journals (ProQuest系統) 02764482 1-Sep-1999~1-May-2000 1-Sep-1999~1-May-2000
Schools in the middle 紙本期刊 0276-4482
Schools in the Middle OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) 02764482 02764482 Jan-98~May-00 Jan-98~May-00
Schools in the middle / National Association of Secondary School Principals [西文紙本期刊] 02764482 ~
Schools: Studies in Education JSTOR 15501175 21530327 2004-03-01~2012-09-01 2004-03-01~2012-09-01
SchoolTechNews [西文紙本期刊] 0740185X ~
Schott AG SWOT Analysis Business Source Complete 商管財經全文資料庫 Aug 2011- ~
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