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Journal TitleDatabaseISSNImpact FactorYearNote
School Library Monthly Education Research Complete 教育學全文資料庫 2166160X Sep 2009-May 2015 ~
School Library Monthly OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) 2166160X 2166160X Jan-95~May-15 Jan-95~May-15
School Library Monthly Professional Development Collection(PDC) 2166160X 2166160X Sep 2009- ~
School Library Monthly Applied Science & Technology Source 2166160X 2166160X Sep-09~May-15 Sep-09~May-15
School Library Monthly Computer & Applied Science Complete 電腦類資料庫 2166160X Sep 2009- / Sep 2009-~
School Library Monthly Education Journals (ProQuest系統) 08899371 1-Oct-2002~1-May-2014 1-Oct-2002~1-May-2014
School Library Research OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson) 21651019 21651019 Jan-12~ Jan-12~
School Library Research Education Research Complete 教育學全文資料庫 21651019 Jan 2012- ~
School Library Research Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text (LISTA with FT) 21651019 21651019 Jan 2012- Jan 2012-~
School Library Research DOAJ(Directory of Open Access Journals) 21651019 2012~ 2012~
School life 紙本期刊
School life [西文紙本期刊] ~
School Matters: Why African American Students Need Multiple Forms of Capital Education Research Complete 教育學全文資料庫 May 2007-May 2007 ~
School media quarterly [西文紙本期刊] 03611647 ~
School media quarterly 紙本期刊 0361-1647
School media quarterly [microform] [西文紙本期刊] ~
School Mental Health SpringerLink 18662625 18662633 1.214 1997-2017 ~
School Nutrition Education Research Complete 教育學全文資料庫 19424205 ~
School nutrition [西文紙本期刊] ~
School organization [西文紙本期刊] 02601362 ~
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