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GujinTushuJicheng is the greatest encyclopedia in the world. Its length is 4 times the size of The Great Britain Encyclopedia and unites Chinese cultural heritage of 5,000 years. It gathers all the most important classics from ancient China to Ching Dynasty, including, astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economy, art, education, agriculture, fishing, medicine and others. People admire it with the good name—Encyclopedia of the Great Ching Dynasty. It is also the biggest and greatest classified books collection of China.

However, GujinTushuJicheng’s length is very huge so that it’s very difficult to read or search. Therefore, Greatman Group incorporated 40 Chinese scholars and 60 software engineers to digitize and punctuate all of its content. The databank produced according to its original texts and editions solves the difficulty by the fastest and most correct way. Users can search whole text by any word or term and get the data and the original edition pages for comparison in seconds. It surely overthrows the old way of studying Chinese ancient books. Meanwhile, digital GujinTushuJicheng also owns two special functionsancient-modern Chinese synonym search, and two kinds of language interfaces (traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese in two different versions) to meet different users’ needs. Accordingly, Greatman's digital version is so far the best seller compared to other digital versions of the same title in the world.

The first printed edition of GujinTushuJicheng was published in 1726, but had been used by very few people until today. The reasons are lacking of better printing skills and storing media. Even China Bookstore re-published it, the high price is another difficulty for people to purchase. These problems indeed hinder cultural communication. Now, Greatman published the digital version that is not only easy to read and store, but also easy to purchase for people. For communication of Chinese culture, the databank indeed creates a great and amazing contribution in history.

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CENGAGE GVRL Chinese eBook

Gale Virtual Reference Library is you single source for eReference aimed at students, researchers, and general readers. Now you can access thousands of titles from more than 100 publishers covering the most-studied subject areas-all on one award-winning platform.

Approximately 1000 academic titles in both simplified and traditional Chinese are now available in Gale Virtual Reference Library. The titles are published by well-known publishers such as Zhonghua Book Company, Commerical Press....., and cover a variety of topics such as history, art, economics, education, international relations, and culture. these titles can be full-text searched and browsed in Chinese.

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China Digital Library

This database is joint effort of Beijing Univerisity and Beijing Founder Electronic Company. This chinese e-book system contains nearly 6000 books of different fields published in Mainland China. The topics included history, philosophy, religion, politic, education, linguistic, chinese literature etc.

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Chinamaxx digital libraries

      Founded in 1993Superstar Digital Library (SDL) is a professional digital library solution/resource provider. It now offers a world wide range of digital library solutions after many years of research and development. Today it is the number one brand in digital library industry in China. And it is expanding its businesses to the world.

        Chinamaxx contains approximately 700,000 Chinese e books published before and after 1949 and is the world's largest and most comprehensive Chinese Electronic Library. It involves 22 major categories and 52 sub-classifications according to Chinese Library Classification, covering all academic areas. Humanity, History and Art have become the predominant part of this collection.  It provides full-text Chinese e books from cover to cover, as a convenient window of the Chinese culture.

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Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books

Collects over 10,000 kinds of Chinese classic ancient books, dated from the pre-Qin era to the period of Republic of China. This database contains more than 1.7 billion words, about 12,600 image editions, and over 1.5 million pages of original images. The contents cover almost all parts of Chinese history and culture. It is the most comprenehsive colletion of classic ancient books through the ages in Chinese history.

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Han Cyuan Chinese Classical Literature Database

Resources about the study of Chinese classical literature, including "the Thirteen Confucian Classics", "the Whole Tang Poetry", " si ku quan shu", "the Dream of Red Chamber", "Zizhi Tongjian" and so on.

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HyRead ebook

eBooks on HyRead Library.

l   EBooks & Magazines of various topics: Humanities & Society, Literature

Language, Business, Science, Computer & Internet, Religion & Spirituality, Medicine & Health, Arts & Design, Leisure & Life, Children’s Books, Exam, and so on.

l   Format: PDF, epub, and ebooks with multimedia effects.


How to borrow ebooks?

l   Integration with Library patron authentication.
l   Log in with your library card ID. No need to sign up a new account.
l   Borrow and Return ebooks on the internet.
l   Search ebooks by Keyword, Title, Author, Publisher, Publish date or ISBN.


How to read ebooks?

l   Online reading: read ebooks by webpage. (Adobe Flash Player required)
l   Offline reading: read ebooks on your 3C tools. (Reading Software required)
l   Reading on PC, iOS(iPad / iPhone) & Android Tablet and Smart Phone.
l   “HyRead Library HD” APP for iOS& Android users, free install on your smart phones and tablets.(iOS users can find APP in App Store, Android users can find APP in Google Play Store.)

l   “HyRead Library” reading software for PC users, download and install from

Other Features

Web2.0 Social Network: share with your friends through Facebook, Google+, Plurk and so on.
Customer Service

(02)2395-6966 ext.2555 /

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HyRead ebook TAEBC

HyRead ebook TAEBDC

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iRead eBook (Airiti eBooks)

airiti Books contains the largest and most diverse collection of Chinese eBooks. With more than 60,000 Chinese eBooks from over 700 publishers in Taiwan, Mainland China and Hong Kong, airiti Books caters to the needs of libraries. Over 80% of the contents are suitable for college students and above. Updated on a weekly basis, the platform contains eBooks from all categories including literature, languages, art & design, medical sciences, technology, sociology, law, business, exam preparation, and more. We work with leading publishers such as Linking Publishing, National Taiwan University Press, Academia Sinica, Reading Times, Hwa Tai, Bookman, Laureat, Chienhua, OpenTech and so on.

airitiBooks supports both online viewing and eBook download. We guarantee a hassle-free reading experience as no external software is required for viewing eBooks online and contents can be accessed within a click. Readers can download eBooks onto personal computers/laptops and iOS/Andriod devices to read as they go. Moreover, library eBooks will be returned automatically on the due date. airitiBooks is the solution to overdue library books, insufficient storage space and tedious manual work!

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Koobe eBook/ eMagazine


Evergreen Magazine: Jan. 2006 (No. 274)~Dec. 2011 (No. 345)          

Global Veiws Monthly: May 2010 (No. 287)~Dec. 2011 (No. 306)                                      

  *Procedure of using the eBook:                                                                                                        

Step 1: Enter Koobe eBook platform                                                                  

Step 2: Download and install Koobe viewer (for new user)                        

Step 3: Download and open the eBook/ eMagazine

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Korean Database Pia

An important reference tool for the researching into the history of science in East Asia, which contains astronomy 10 chapters, mathematics 10 chapters and medicine 50 chapters.

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L&B digital library

L&B digital library is the leading ebook platform, provides the unprecedented Chinese and English eContent globally. L&B ebooks allows you to adapt your need by accessing more than 100,000(and growing)outstanding titles-ebooks-in diverse subjects, including science, business, Chinese linguistics/ culture/ philosophy…and many more.


The revolution of L&B digital library is cooperated with at least 200 well-known textbook publishers globally, such as McGraw-Hill, LexisNexis, China Universities Publishing Association, Higher Education Press…offer professional and reliable information service for users needed.

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McGraw-Hill E-Book Collection(Chinese)

McGraw-Hill E-Book Collection is sourced from the publications of McGraw-Hill Education, a professional and well-known publishing company, its’ readers are innumerable across the world.  Our platform provides the E-Books in Chinese and English and covers many subjects including the discipline-fields of social science, business management, art & humanity, natural science & technology, medicine and healthcare.  This collection not only contains the contemporary interested important issues and assembled hot key bestsellers, but also meets the demands from the teachers and students and researchers of all the discipline-fields to inject the more perfect and necessary reference resources into the learning materials for the institutions.  In addition, the academic E-Books from McGraw-Hill E-Book Collection are almost the designated textbooks of all universities and colleges in the world, the content quality of the great books will be worth to read for you.

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NTNU theses and dissertations

The site enables access to NTNU theses and dissertations , including over 16,000 full-text articles and over 12,000 abstracts. Functions such as basic search, advance search, browse, search history and user's guide are provided.    

Pubu ebooks NTNU domain
Scripta Sinica

The project for the Scripta Sinica database was commenced in 1984. The first aim of this project was to digitize all documents essential to research in traditional Sinology. Secondly, a full-text database was established for academic research. Until present, Scripta Sinica is the largest Chinese full text database to encompass an enormous breadth of historical materials of this scale. More than 350,000,000 characters of materials pertaining to the traditional Chinese classics have been included in the database and have been categorized with meticulous care. The Scripta Sinica database contains almost all of the important Chinese classics, especially those related to Chinese history. In the future, we will continue with the digitalization of more historical materials. We hope to provide scholars, students, and the general public with an excellent full-text database and search engine for the study of Chinese history and culture.

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Si Bu Cong Kan was compiled by the famous author and publisher, Zhang Yuanji ( 張元濟 ), at the beginning of the 20th century. He collected 477 categories, comprising 3,134 volumes of books with over 90 millions words. The database is another landmark electronic publication following the Si Ku Quan Shu (Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature).

The electronic version of Si Bu Cong Kan reproduces the original books in electronic form. Its contents were inputted word by word to accommodate users to do searches by full-text and characters. Other features include summary note, conversion between Western and Chinese calendars, and cross-searches between traditional and simplified Chinese. Si Bu Cong Kan not only makes a perfect reproduction of the original books, but also combines various search tools that enable it to be turned into an efficient and valuable research tool.

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Taiwan Academic Online eBook

TAO eBook Database is a comprehensive, convenient platform for schools of all levels. The easy-to-use system provides valuable resources for teachers of all levels to expand their curriculums and for students of all ages to find reading materials on their own time.

There are many special features in TAO eBook Database. Such as:

1. HTML 5-based browsing fully supports Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

2. Easy-to-use interface that does not require installing software.

3. Automatically returns browser to previous page when book is closed to improve experience.

NTNU domain
Taiwan eBook

National Central Library (NCL) is an important repository and disseminator of resources for academic research in Taiwan and abroad. In addition to procurement and preservation, an objective of continual concern is how to make the use of library holdings, as well as Taiwan publications and research findings, more accessible to patrons and to scholars throughout the world. Especially in this digital age, the digitization and open access of books can increase worldwide interest in Chinese culture. Also, those researching Taiwan or Chinese studies can more easily find material needed.

Many libraries and archives in Taiwan have in their holdings works published between 1911-1949, as publications from this period record various aspects of its history, culture, literati, geography, art, literature, society, politics, and economy. Thus, these are of immense value to academic research and have become the best source for Taiwan studies. However, because of Taiwan’s warm and humid climate, books are not easily preserved. Many materials stored in Taiwan libraries lack a temperature controlled environment. The older books get the more likely damage will occur due to acidification. Other types of damage can result in a book getting discarded from the library holdings as well. As a way to preserve culture and enhance scholarship, digitization reduces use and damage of physical holdings, and allows for long term digital preservation. These files can also be made available on the internet to readers and scholars worldwide. All of this will increase the life of the physical books.

In 2015 a nationwide project commenced called Digital Archives Project on Taiwan Historical Collections. University libraries, public libraries, government institutions, and research organization were invited to participate. The aim is to digitize works that were published between 1911-1949 for future preservation and use in a Taiwan eBook database. The database will ensure that these publications in libraries throughout Taiwan can be shared with the world in digital format and even become an important hub for Taiwan studies internationally. It can effect increased research on Taiwan abroad, promote scholarly exchange, and widen the academic influence of Taiwan studies.

Taiwan Normal University Library Rare Book Collection Museum Digital Archive System

Taiwan Normal University Library Rare Book Collection Museum Digital Archive System over the years, digitization of rare books full-text images, including Song version Mencius, White tiger Strickland, Chiang Donghua recorded, Rizhilu set release and so on.

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udn Digital Reading Room – E-Book

Electronic books with the cooperation among udn, various domestic publishing houses and authors are rearranged and reproduced with interactive design. In addition to selling to general internet users, they are also offered to libraries. One may find in the database literary work of famous authors, book sets of magical thinking by expert writers, books on leisure and travel, computer learning books, book series on finance and economics and business management, and year books.

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