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Document Delivery of English Journal Articles

RapidILL is a unique resource sharing system that was designed by the Interlibrary Loan staff at Colorado State University Libraries. The majority of the participants are university libraries in the United States, and also includes some libraries from Canada, Hong, Taiwan and so on. There are over one hundred university libraries participate in this resource sharing system. The document requested is possible to be retrieved within 24 hours at fast. For the English journals that our library does not subscribe to, library user can use this service to retrieve the document. Our library will help you to obtain the document needed as soon as possible.

Eligibility: NTNU faculty, staff and students, and alumnus that paid the library usage fee.

Application procedure:

  1. Check the "library catalog" and the "e-resource" to make sure that NTNU library does not have the English periodical needed.
  2. Submit the application to the "RapidILL"
  3. The account and password is the same as the My Library for NTNU Library.
  4. Please fill the correct information in each field, including the periodical name, the article title, author, page, ISSN, year and the volume. If there is any problem identifying the bibliography, you are welcome to ask the librarian at the SMILE counter on the 2nd floor in the Main Library.
  5. When the document is available, our library will send the applicant an e-mail. Please come to the circulation counter at the Main Library, Gung-Guan Library or Lin-Kou Library.
  6. If the document is unavailable via Rapid ILL, one can also try to apply via Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS).

Processing time:
It will take around 3 to 5 working days on average. The shortest time might be within 24 hours, depending on the department.

free of charge.


  1. RapidILL provides only English journals. Therefore, monograph, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations are not available on the system.
  2. Please provide the information corresponding to each field, including periodical name, page, ISSN, year and volume to make sure receiving the correct document and facilitate the procedure.
  3. If the applicant did not come to collect the document before the last working day of the month that the available notice email has been sent, out library will cancel your application two months later. For example, if the document available notice has sent in January, but the applicant did not come to collect before the last working day in January, then the application will be canceled in the beginning of March. If you still need the document, please submit the application again. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Dept. of Circulation if you have any question:
Tel: 02-77345235, 02-77345246