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Nationwide Document Delivery Service

Materials not in the NTNU Libraries may be borrowed or photocopied from other libraries via Nationwide Document Delivery Service, namely periodical articles, books, conference proceedings, theses and reports. This service is available to currently enrolled students, currently employed staff and alumni who have a University Alumni Identification Card. Please note that this is a charged service. Charges are made according to the type and source of materials supplied.

  1. If items are supplied from other Libraries in Taiwan, photocopies will cost NT $3 - $8 per page and a loan NT $50 - $100 (You also need to pay for a processing fee (about NT $20) and postage). It will take 3 days to 1 month to process your requests.
  2. If items are supplied from Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI), a ProQuest thesis will cost NT $ 2,400 and a periodical NT $ 450 (1-30 pages), NT $ 650 (31-60 pages), and NT $850 (more than 60 pages)
  3. If items are supplied from British Library, a photocopy supplied via registered airmail will cost £10.75 and that supplied via Ariel will cost £17.5 plus a copyright fee. A loan will cost £18.5.

Please collect your requested items within 7 days after you received a pickup notice. The loan items borrowed via Nationwide Document Delivery Service cannot be overdue and renewed, or fines will be levied on you.

When returning the book, please return the book to the library you checked out from, inform the librarian that you are returning the books from Nationwide Document Delivery Service, and write down the date you return, the application number and sign your signature. Please do not return the book into the book drop or the put it back to the circulation desk. NTNU Library is not responsible for the lost or overdue books.

For any further information regarding Document Delivery Service, please contact us at 02-77495246.