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If you cannot get to the Libraries during opening hours, there are Book Returns drop-boxes in the Main Library, Gung-Guan Library and Lin-Kou Library. Your books will be discharged at the beginning of the next working day.

Self-check machines are available on the 1st and 6th floor in the Main Library. You can check books out at these machines which will ask you for the PIN number before you process the books. Please read and follow the instructions near the machines and make sure all items are checked out successfully. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the Circulation Desk staff.

There are lockers on the 1st floor in the Main Library. They are available between our opening hours.

In addition to the lobby on 1st floor and the Smile digital learning area on the 2nd floor, there are public computers for readers on each floor for using the Online catalog.

Free wireless internet access is available in the library. Getting online is quick and simple. All you need is a wireless enabled laptop computer and login with your University e-mail. Please read the instructions for setting.

Coin-operated copiers and printers are available on Level 1 to Level 3 in the Main Library, and on Level 1, Level 3 in the Gung-Guan branch.

Main Library:

3F: three B/W and a color copier/printer.

2F (SMILE digital learning area): a self-service A4 printer

1F: a B/W copier near the men’s room

Copy/printing / Format A4 B4 A3
B/W copy or printing 1 1.5 2
Color copy or printing 5 X X

There are two A4 scanners, one A3 scanner and a flatbed scanner on the Smile digital learning area on the second floor in the Main Library.

Our NTNU Library users are welcome to use, free of charge. If a visitor would like to use, please contact the library counter. The scan service costs NT$1 per page.

There are 36 study rooms in the Main Library. 24 among them are for long-term use, 6 for short-term use, 2 for seminar, and 4 for project use. There are 19 study rooms in the Gung-Guan Library. 10 out of 19 are for long-term use, 3 for short-term, and 6 for seminars. There are 6 study rooms in the Lin-Kou Library. 4 out of 6 are for long-term use, and 2 for short-term use.

The long-term study room can be reserved for a month. The user can book the study room on the first to 15th of every month for the next month. If there are more applicants than the supply, the applicant that has not use the study room of the month has the priority. A study room can used by at most two users at separate time. This service is not available for undergraduate students.

The short-term study room can be only reserved for one day for one user. The user can only book the room on the same day. The study room for seminars can be reserved for 4 hours at most for at least 3 and above users. The users can only book the study room for seminar on the same day.

If visiting scholar or researcher that has special research needs, he/she could apply for the project use.

Book a Study Room

【Lin-Kou Library Study Room】

For the teaching and researching purpose, NTNU Library welcomes part-time faculty and research project assistants to apply for the study rooms in Lin-Kou library. Once the application approved, the applicant can visit the library counter to register for the study room in Lin-Kou Library. Download the application form here.

There is a reading room on B1 in the Main Library which is available for all patrons. Please swipe the student card, library card or the service card to enter the library. It is open from 18:00 to 24:00 every day. Please remove all personal items and garbage when leaving.

On B1 in the Main Library, there is a conference hall for rent with technical equipment: multimedia video projectors, video and audio equipment, wireless and stationary microphones, etc. Its capacity is 141 places and the price for half day is NT$8,800. For further information, please contact Mr. Li (TEL: 02-77495288; E-mail:

Our administration, academics, student clubs, faculty, student and alumni are welcomed to book the library space for art and cultural exhibition and performance. The library space includes the cultural square in front of the Main Library, the lobby of the Main Library, and the exhibition hall on the second floor in the Gung-Guan Library. The applicant can apply for the space one month to six months prior to the performance date via telephone, fax, e-mail or in-person at the circulation counter in the Main Library or Gung-Guan Library.