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If you cannot get to the Libraries during opening hours, there are Book Returns drop-boxes in the Main Library, Gung-Guan Library and Lin-Kou Library. Your books will be discharged at the beginning of the next working day.

Self-check machines are available on the 1st and 6th floor in the Main Library. You can check books out at these machines which will ask you for the PIN number before you process the books. Please read and follow the instructions near the machines and make sure all items are checked out successfully. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the Circulation Desk staff.

There are lockers on the 1st floor in the Main Library. They are available between our opening hours.

Free wireless internet access is available in the library. Getting online is quick and simple. All you need is a wireless enabled laptop computer and login with your University e-mail. Please read the instructions for setting.

Photocopying Services
  1. Copiers are available on all levels in the Main Library, on Level 2, Level 4, and Level 5 in the Kungkuan Library, and on Level 1 in the Linkou Library.
  2. A copy card costs NT$100 for 120 copies. Users can buy one at the Copy Center (Level 3 in the Main Library) or Card Vending Machine on Level 2.
Printing Services
  1. The PCs in the SMILE E-learning Commons are set to print to the black and white printer on Level 2.
  2. For color printing, there is a color printer available at the Copy Center.
  3. The charge is NT$0.83 per monochrome A4 & B4 page, NT$1.66 per monochrome A3 page, NT$7 per color A4 page, NT$10 per color B4 page and NT$14 per color A3 page.

One scanner is available on the 3rd floor in the Main Library. Please have your floppy disks or flash drives prepared to save data.

Our collection includes 990,616 microfiches. There is a microform room on 3rd floor in the Main Library, open between 08:10-12:00 and 13:30-17:00 on weekdays. The cost for printing is $3 per copy for NTNU users and $5 per copy for visitors.

The Libraries provide different spaces for learning and study activities. There are 34 bookable individual study rooms distributed throughout the Main Library. Most rooms can be booked online up to 1 month in advance. Online booking is by faculty and currently enrolled postgraduates only and the room is booked on a monthly basis. There are also 2 group study rooms which can be booked manually at Reference & Information Desk by any group. Minimum group size is 3 people.

Book a Study Room

There is a reading room on B1 in the Main Library which is available for all patrons. It is open from 18:00 to 24:00 every day. Please remove all personal items and garbage when leaving.

On B1 in the Main Library, there is a conference hall for rent with technical equipment: multimedia video projectors, video and audio equipment, wireless and stationary microphones, etc. Its capacity is 141 places and the price for half day is NT$8,800. For further information, please contact Mr. Li (TEL: 02-77345288; E-mail: