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Subject-specialist Librarians

Our subject-specialist librarians serve academic departments and programs. For the departments they serve, they are responsible for collecting library materials, providing instruction in the use of library materials, and serving as liaisons between NTNU Library and departments. Librarians are also available for research consultations. You can contact the librarian responsible for your subject area by telephone or via e-mail.

College Department Librarian TEL E-mail
Education Education, Civic Education and Leadership, Educational Policy and Administration, Library & Information Studies Yu-Min Huang 02-77345245
Adult & Continuing Education, Educational Psychology and Counseling, Special Education, Rehabilitation Counseling, Information & Computer Education I-Ping Liao 02-77345241
Human Development & Family Studies, Health Promotion & Health Education I-Hsiu Wu 02-77345248
Liberal Arts Chinese, History Yu-Min Huang 02-77345245
English, Geography, Translation & Interpretation, Taiwan Culture, Languages & Literature, Taiwan History I-Ping Liao 02-77345241
Science Mathematics, Earth Sciences Pei-Lin Don 02-77346896
Physics, Life Science Min-Kwei Lin 02-77346895
Electro-Optical Science & Technology, Sciences Education I-Chien Tu 02-77346887
Computer Science & Information Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Education, Marine Environmental Science & Technology Yen-Fang Tsai 02-77346890
Fine and Applied Arts Fine Arts, Art History, Design I-Hsiu Wu 02-77345248
Technology Industrial Education, Mechatronic Technology, Graphic Arts Communication, Applied Electronics Technology, Technology Application & Human Resource Development Hsu-Ju Liu 02-77345243
Music Music, Ethnomusicology, Performing Arts Tsui-Ching Wang 02-77345242
Sports & Recreation Athletic Performance, Exercise and Sport Science, Physical Education, Sports & Leisure Management Ai-Wen Li 02-77345259
International Studies & Education for Overseas Chinese Applied Chinese Languages & Literature, Chinese Language & Culture for International Students, Chinese Studies(Pre-college), East Asian Studies, Foreign Languages(Pre-college), Humanities and Social Sciences(Pre-college), International Human Resource Development,  Mathematics and Science(Pre-college),  Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Yen-Jung Tseng 02-77148451
European Cultures and Tourism Hsu-Ju Liu 02-77345243
Management Business Administration, Hospitality Management and Education, International Affairs and Global Strategy Management Hsu-Ju Liu 02-77345243
Social Sciences Mass Communication, Political Science, Social Work I-Ping Liao 02-77345241