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Library Regulations

  1. This set of regulations was formulated by National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereinafter referred to as the "Library") in order to safeguard library reserves and equipment, maintain a peaceful, clean environment, protect users' rights, promote users' ability to use the Library, and regulate all types of violations that might occur, thereby ensuring the proper functioning of the Library.
  2. Users should only use their own ID cards to enter the Library. Appropriation of other people's ID cards is prohibited.
  3. Users who have any infectious disease or mental problems, are intoxicated, are wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear, or have poor personal hygiene will be denied admittance to the Library.
  4. Bags, backpacks, books, study supplies, and laptops are allowed inside the Library, while contrabands, food, drinks or pets are not allowed. Non-affiliated users (not one of the faculties, staff, students or alumni of the University) may only bring laptops and necessary study supplies into the Library.
  5. When visiting the audio-visual center or microform reading room, users should keep their personal effects in assigned lockers and take care to take them along when they leave.
  6. Users should keep their personal belongings safe and bring all belongings with them when leaving the Library. Users are not entitled to request retrieval of their belongings after the Library is closed. The Library will not be held responsible for users' personal effects.
  7. When entering the Library, users should remain quiet. Users should ensure that mobile phones, beepers, or any instruments that might disturb the quiet atmosphere are in silent mode. Users can only use aforementioned electronic devices in the Library's east and west wings.
  8. Users should take care not to damage the Library's collection, equipment, or facilities and refrain from littering, smoking, eating, lying on the couches, or any other behaviors that interrupt others' reading, invade their privacy, or endanger their safety.
  9. Computers in the Library can only be used for checking online library catalogs, databases, or academic Web sites. Browsing pornographic web sites or playing video games is strictly prohibited.
  10. Users should file an application and receive the Library's approval before using any form of photographic or video equipment in the Library. Users should abide by regulations and only use such filming equipment for the purpose stated on the application.
  11. The Library will warn offenders who violate any of the above rules 2-10 and will keep a record of those who ignore these warnings. The Library has the discretion to make offenders leave. Offenders who have their name recorded three times will be punished as follows:
    (1) For faculty, staff, or students of the University: their borrowing privileges will be suspended for 3 months.
    (2) For non-affiliated users: admission to the Library will be suspended for 6 months.
    People who purposely commit serious offenses will be transferred to the competent authorities.
  12. Readers who take books, reference materials, or equipment out of the Library without proper registration will be penalized according to their status:
    (1) Students of the University will be reported to the school management board for discipline according to Code of Student Conduct.
    (2) Non-affiliated users will have their parents, schools, or companies notified, or will be reported to the police if necessary. Their admission to the Library will be suspended for one year.
  13. Users who steal others' money or personal belongings will be directly handed over to the competent authorities.
  14. Any problems that occur in the Library will be solved as stipulated under relevant University regulations.
  15. This set of regulations went into effect after being passed by the Senior Officer Meeting of the Library; any future revisions should be passed by the Meeting as well.