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Library Space Rental

The Standard Price List for NTNU Library Space

Rent Venue Capacity/ Area Price per session Note
International Conference Hall 141 seats (including the 9 chairman seats), 110 Ping (363.638 m2) NT$8,800 Air-conditioner, 4 microphones
Exhibition Hall 80 Ping (264.464 m2) No extra charge after renting International Conference Hall
  1. The booking session of the library space is separated into two sessions as listed below:
    First session: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
    Second session: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  2. There are two booths for interpreters, 141 earphones, 2 LCD projectors, and wireless microphones for borrowing. Please apply beforehand if needed.
  3. Please return the facilities and the space on time for the convenience and the rights of the next borrower. If the time session expired without return, the borrower will be suspended from booking the library space within two years and be charged with one extra session fee.
  4. If there is any damage on the facility or the space, the borrower is responsible for the repair or the compensation.
備  註
  1. The rent for of International Conference Hall is NT$8,800 per session with facility and tea included.
  2. Contact: Mr. Lee Yun Sheng(TEL: 02-77495288;E-mail:
Library Space Booking Application