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Please note:

  • Online booking is by faculty and currently enrolled postgraduates only.
  • The room is booked on a monthly basis.
  • Online booking is available from the 1st day (8:00 a.m.) to the 15th day of every month.

Study Room Booking for 十一月

Location  Main Library (Applicants: 43)    Gong-Guan Branch Library (Applicants:15)    Lin-Kou Branch Library (Applicants: null)

1. Online booking is by faculty and currently enrolled postgraduates only.

2. Your Library card or ID card will allow you to make one booking. The rooms will be allocated to applicants according to the booking time.

3. There are 29 bookable individual study rooms distributed throughout the Main Library. 14 of them(long-term study room) are open for online booking and can be booked on a monthly basis, while 15 of them(temporary study room) are booked manually on a daily basis.

4. 3 group study rooms can be booked manually at Reference and Information Desk by any group. Minimum group size is 3 people.

5. You should pick up the key at Reference and Information Desk and return it before leaving the Library. A fine of NT$100 per day will be levied on you if the key is not returned.

6. Rooms are not secure. You are responsible for all personal items left in your study room. Please remove all personal items and garbage when vacating rooms.

7. As a courtesy, please cancel your booking if you decide that you will be unable to attend, or you will be suspended from using this service for 3 months.

8. Long-term study room users who have not used the library for five consecutive days during the opening period, or used less than half of the opening day within a month, the room will be taken back and released to other users. If you are unable to come to the library for more than three days, please ask for leave in advance(limit use once a month) and tidy out the study room, then it will be changed to a temporary study room for other users during the leave period.

 I accept this agreement.

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