Amendments passed during the 325th Administrative Meeting on September 30, 2009
Amendments passed during the 107th General Meeting on November 23, 2011
Amendments passed during the 113th General Meeting on November 12, 2014
Passed by the 1st Library Committee Meeting for the 34th academic year on October 25, 2018
Amendments passed by the Library Committee in October 2019

Article 1  In principle, book collections of the National Taiwan Normal University Library are accessible to faculty, staff, and students of National Taiwan Normal University. However, if NTNU alumni or retired staff also require the use of the library collection for education or research purposes, their requirement may be processed in accordance with these Policies.

Article 2  All NTNU faculty and staff may use their employee IDs, full-time students may use their student IDs, and alumni, retired staff, research assistants, students of the Mandarin Training Center, students of the School of Continuing Education, and other individuals currently employed by the University may apply for a library card to borrow books from the Library in accordance with the following application procedures:

  1. Alumni may apply with their alumni certificate or diploma (including the certificate of completion of the Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students) after paying a deposit and annual fee.
  2. Retired staff are required to fill out the application form in person at the Library to apply for the library card; the retirement certificate and a one-inch photo are required.
  3. Staff approved by various institutes are required to fill out the application form in person at the Library, and present the original certification document, guarantee letter, national ID card, and a one-inch photo.
  4. Alumni, retired staff, research assistants, and other individuals without employee IDs are required to pay a deposit of NT$2,000 with the exception of alumni with NTNU co-branded credit cards. Alumni are required to pay an annual material usage fee of NT$1,000. Students of the Mandarin Training Center and students of the School of Continuing Education are required to pay a material usage fee of NT$300 per term (3 months).
  5. The card holder may return the library card when it is no longer needed and collect the deposit without interest.
  6. After applying, the library card can only be canceled after one year of use.

Article 3  For provisions on borrowing books, refer to the attachment.

Article 4  If no other patron is waiting for the book you borrowed, you may renew online. A book's borrowing period can only be extended once.

Article 5  If a book is reserved by another patron during the loan period, the borrower must return the book within 14 days of the "recall notice" issued by the Library; failure to return a borrowed book within the deadline will result in a late fee based on Article 10 of these Policies.

Article 6  Borrowers can request books that are not available. The borrower may reserve the book online. The borrower is required to borrow the book within 7 days of receiving the "reserved book arrival notice" email sent by the Library. If the borrower fails to borrow the book before the deadline, the book will no longer be reserved for the borrower. When a borrower borrows a book that is reserved by others, the borrowing period is reduced to 14 days and the borrower must return the book by its due date.

Article 7  All rare books, course reserved materials, reference books, dissertations, journals, and other in-library-use materials may not be checked out.

Article 8  The Library may make an announcement to suspend book borrowing activities when taking inventory or sorting its collections.

Article 9  The borrower is required to compensate the original book if the borrowed book is lost or damaged. If the original book cannot be purchased, the compensation shall be processed in accordance with the following methods:

  1. Replacement of materials
    Books or journals should be replaced with the same or a newer edition, and audio-visual materials should be replaced in the original authorized format. Materials given as replacement must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Law, and must not contain markings, comments, stains, folded corners, tears, and other such damages.
    The related materials should be replaced using the same edition. If a newer edition is provided, it should be provided as replacement along with the primary materials.
  2. Monetary compensation
    If a procurement price can be found, the payment should be three times the price (converted based on the CPI*) at the time of purchase. Books for which the procurement price cannot be found shall be calculated in accordance with the number of pages. The compensation shall be NT$3 per page for books printed in Chinese and NT$10 for books printed in a foreign language; books for which the number of pages cannot be determined shall be calculated as 300 pages.
    Special edition or special print art books are not applicable to the cash compensation listed in the preceding paragraph; they shall be processed on a case by case basis.
  3. A processing fee of NT$100 will be incurred to the patron for each book ..
  4. Borrowers should file a report with the library if they lose a book. Cash compensation shall be completed within two weeks of filing the missing report; compensation with a replacement book for a book that was published in Taiwan shall be completed within two weeks of filing the missing report; compensation with a replacement book for a book that was published overseas shall be completed within four months of filing the missing report; failure to complete compensation procedures before the deadline shall be deemed as overdue and is subjected to late penalties.

Article 10  All books on loan and recalled books shall be returned on time. A late penalty of NT$5 shall be imposed on each book for each day after the due date, and borrowing privileges shall be suspended until all overdue books are returned .

Article 11  The employee ID or library card is restricted to personal use and may not be loaned to others. If discovered, the library shall suspend all borrowing rights for six weeks and require the return of any books currently on loan.

Article 12  The holder of employee IDs, student IDs, or library cards is responsible for the safekeeping of the card and should report any lost cards immediately to the library. Replacement library cards can be obtained at the Library with a fee of NT$200. The cardholder is responsible for any losses to the library collection incurred before the lost card is reported.

Article 13  Taking library books which have not been registered as borrowed out of the Library shall be regarded as theft once verified. The Library shall suspend all borrowing rights for the semester and confiscate his/her library card. Students shall be transferred to the Office of Student Affairs for further processing; faculty or staff members shall be processed by the Office of Human Resources. Alumni and retired personnel shall have their deposit confiscated.

Article 14  Borrowed books cannot be photocopied without the Library's approval. The patron shall be solely responsible for violations of copyright protection laws.

Article 15  Borrowed books must be returned and the borrower must pay fines in full when faculty or staff retire, quit, study overseas, or when students graduate (complete their studies), take a leave of absence, or withdraw from school. Failure to complete the procedures in the preceding paragraph will result in postponement of certification documents for the faculty or staff; postponement of the issuance of diplomas or certification documents for students.

Article 16  This policy has been passed during an NTNU Library Committee Meeting; the same applies to all subsequent revisions.

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