Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on May 27, 2014
Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on August 20, 2018
Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on October 25, 2018
Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on April 25, 2023

  1. These Rules are established according to Article 7 of the Guidelines for Visitors in keeping with the management needs and services of the Gongguan Branch Library.
  2. To access the library, visitors must be over the age of 18 or have a college-level education. Visitors must present a valid ID (only national ID, driver’s license, NHI card, passport, or ARC card accepted) and fill out a form at the 1st floor counter to receive a visitor card. The library may refuse entrance to those who do not have a valid ID. Only 20 visitor cards can be granted each day. The library will not accept reservations or hold anyone’s place.
  3. Visitors are welcome to peruse and use the library’s collection but may not borrow them. They also may not access resources in the 3rd floor SMILE section or audiovisual services.
  4. To prioritize the library usage rights of NTNU students and faculty, the library will be closed to visitors during the week of and week prior to midterm and final exams.
  5. Visitors to the library must follow the rules of the library, or the library may deny them entrance.
  6. These Rules are implemented following approval from a Library Affairs Meeting. The same applies to all subsequent amendments.
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