Undergraduate students

  1. Please log into the "Graduate Student Information Portal" with your NTNU student number and password.
    ※If the account is not activated, please visit the NTNU Web Single Sign-On Service to activate your account.
  2. Make sure all the library materials borrowed are returned and overdue fines paid.
  3. The R shown on the system means it is completed. The student does not need to visit the library for the procedure. It there is no R shown, please visit the Main Library or Gungguan Library to complete the phase.

Graduate students

  1. 1. Please log into the NTNU Theses & Dissertations Services with NTNU student number and password to upload the these/ dissertation electronic PDF file. Please refer to Guide for submitting electronic theses and dissertations for guidance.
    ※If the account is not activated, please visit the NTNU Web Single Sign-On Service to activate your account.
  2. 2. Next, please proceed to the Main Library or Gungguan Library to complete the graduation procedures. The required documents:
    (1) Submit 2 copies of the printed theses/ dissertations. (The thesis cover, order, numbering should follow the format as listed in Office of Academic Affairs. )
    (2) Submit three copies of Thesis/ Dissertation Authorization. (Print with the watermark after the review has passed. The students need to sign the signature and on top of the authorization letter should have barcode. Please submit one to the library counter, two for the printed theses/ dissertations.)
  3. For postponement of the public access to Thesis/ Dissertation, please follow the regulation of the Office of Academic Affairs
  4. Make sure all the library loans returned, including NTNU library and multi-library loan service, and overdue fine paid.
  5. The opening hours for theses and dissertation submission in the Main library and the Gungguan library are the time when library is open during weekdays. The counter is closed on weekends.
  6. The graduate theses / dissertation upload and submission can be done during the graduating semester. It cannot be proceeded in advance.
  7. The format of the printed thesis and dissertation
    (1) Printed thesis and dissertation need cover, including the information on the spine, title page same as the cover, NTNU thesis approval form and the content. For the relevant format please download at the Office of the Academic Affairs – Graduation forms.
    (2) To print the thesis/ dissertation please submit the required cover, spine, approved thesis PDF file with watermark, thesis authorization letter, and the signed thesis approval form.
    (3) hesis order and numbering format please refer to the regulations of the Office of Academic Affairs.
    (4) Either paperback or hardcover binding is fine. No restrictions on the cover color. Glazing film for the paperback binding is recommended.
    (5) The content in color or black and white is up to the author. The clear presentation is the principle.

Graduation Procedures

  1. Outstanding library materials can be returned to the circulation desk, book drop, or posted to the library.
  2. The overdue fines can be paid at the circulation desk, via the e-card machine, or the credit card payment and the convenience store transaction via the library payment flow service.
  3. The materials borrowed through multi-library loan service or the interlibrary card should be returned to the cooperative library. If return by post, please make sure the library receives the delivery. The overdue fines should be subject to the cooperative library.
  4. The lost book can be compensated by a new identical copy or newer edition returned to the library counter or posted to the library. If the book cannot be sourced, please contact the library for cash compensation. The price can be paid at the library counter or via the online payment flow system.
  5. The two copies of the printed theses / dissertations and the authorization letter can be submitted to the library counter or posted to the library. Before posting, please make sure the print format is aligned with the Office of the Affairs regulation and the department has completed the graduation review procedures.
  6. Please post the relevant documents with registered mail to National Taiwan Normal University Library - No. 129, Section 1, Heping E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106. Leave a note to indicate the parcel is for library loan return, loss book compensation or thesis / dissertation submission.
  7. Each stage of the procedures requires 2 to 3 working days. Please make sure there is enough time to proceed all stages.


  1. With the completion of the graduation procedures, the privileges of using library resources are terminated. If the user wants to enter the library as a visitor, please follow the Reading Rules to change for the temporary access card with a valid ID card or enter with the NTNU alumni card. For applying for alumni card, please contact the Center of Public Affairs.
  2. 2. For alumni to borrow library resources, please visit the main library to apply for the alumni library card.
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