The Main Library, Gungguan Library and Linkou Library provide long-term research room, temporary individual research room and group seminar room for full-time teaching faculty and current students.

  • Please visit Long term research room reservation and distribution to reserve for the long-term individual research room.
  • The temporary research room is for one day use. Please apply on the day and it is for one person use only.
  • Reserving group seminar room please visit Group Room Online Booking.
  • If the patrons in the Main Library need a space for discussion but the group is less than the required participants (3F is for a group of five and 4F for three), they can make use of the Multi-Purpose Room on the first floor or the Discussion Area on the second floor.
  • If the visiting scholar has a special research need, the scholar may apply for the research room with the approved project use.

The terms of use and notes of the research room please refer to “Study Room Terms of Use”. For the use of the e-lock for the study room of the Main Library, please refer to the “Instructions for Operating the E-lock for the NTNU Main Library’s Temporary/Long-Term Study Rooms”.

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