A helper for academic research: Subject librarian

Overwhelmed by the choices of e-resources? How to organize the bibliography and references? What option is available when the resource cannot be retrieved from the NTNU library? ……Reach out to the subject librarians. They will provide a professional service to resolve your library resources using problems.


  1. Database login, retrieval, and other usage instructions
  2. Provide electronic resource tutorial to support the courses and meet the needs
  3. Provide relevant electronic resource for the subject and research area


NTNU faculty, staff, and student

Office hours

Consultant via telephone: Weekdays from 8.30 to 17.00 or via email.

Subject librarian directory

College Department Subject librarian Phone E-MAIL
College of Education (include School of Learning Informatics) Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling Yi-Ping Liao 886-2-77495286 ypliaw@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Education, Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction Mei-Ling Hsu 886-2-77495259 hml@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Civic Education and Leadership, Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Administration Chih-Chun Lin 886-2-77495241 zjlin@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Adult & Continuing Education, Department of Special Education, Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling Chia-Hsin Liu 886-2-77495224 nan6518@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Human Development & Family Studies, Graduate Institute of Information & Computer Education Hsin-Yun Fan 886-2-77495246 bettina@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education Yi-Ching Wu 886-2-77495270 yiching@ntnu.edu.tw
Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies, Program of Learning Sciences, Continuing Education Master's Program of Creativity Development Che-Jui Hsu 886-2-77495242 chjuhsu@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Liberal Arts Department of Chinese, Department of History, Department of Geography, Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, Graduate Institute of Taiwan History Chia-Yu Lin 886-2-77495243 julialin@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of English, Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation Yi-Lin Chen 886-2-77495277 ylchen@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Science (include School of Life Science) Department of Mathematics, Department of Earth Sciences Ay-Wen Lee 886-2-77496896 anne@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Life Science, Graduate Institute of Marine Environmental Science & Technology, Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology, Undergraduate and Graduate Program of Nutrition Science Shan-Yin Yang 886-2-77496895 ayin105@ntnu.edu.tw
Graduate Institute of Science Education, Department of Physics Wen-Ling Lo 886-2-77496887 julia131@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering Hui-Hsin Lo 886-2-77496884 hhl@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Arts Department of Fine Arts, Department of Design, Graduate Institute of Art History Fang-Ling Lin 886-2-77495269 fanglinglin@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Technology and Engineering Department of Industrial Education, Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development, Department of Graphic Arts and Communications, Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering Hsu-Ju Liu 886-2-77495289 ruthliu@ntnu.edu.tw
Graduate Institute of Electro-Optical Engineering Wen-Ling Lo 886-2-77496887 julia131@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Music Department of Music, Bachelor Degree Program of Performing Arts, Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Tsuey-Ching Wang 886-2-77495248 kittian@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Sports and Recreation Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Department of Athletic Performance, Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure & Hospitality Management, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Executive Master of Business Administration I-Hsiu Wu 886-2-77495260 wuihsiu@ntnu.edu.tw
College of International Studies and Social Sciences Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism Yi-Ching Wu 886-2-77495270 yiching@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of Chinese as a Second Language Yi-Lin Chen 886-2-77495277 ylchen@ntnu.edu.tw
Department of East Asian Studies(include Graduate Institute of Political), Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development Yi-Ping Liao (Deputy) 886-2-77495286 ypliaw@ntnu.edu.tw
Graduate Institute of Mass Communication, Graduate Institute of Social Work, Graduate Institute of Political Science Yi-Ping Liao 886-2-77495286 ypliaw@ntnu.edu.tw
College of Management Department of Business Administration, Graduate Institute of Management, Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy, Executive Master of Business Administration(EMBA), Global Fashion - Executive Master of Business Administration(GF-EMBA)   886-2-77495245  
Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students Foreign Languages, Math and Science Huei-Ai Lin 886-2-77498449 ve7096@ntnu.edu.tw
  Humanities and Social Sciences, Chinese Language Chia-Fang Lee 886-2-77498451 chia1716@ntnu.edu.tw
Center for General Education   Che-Jui Hsu 886-2-77495242 chjuhsu@ntnu.edu.tw
School of Teacher Education   Chih-Chun Lin 886-2-77495241 zjlin@ntnu.edu.tw
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