The NTNU faculty, staff, and students can utilize the intercampus loan services to request books from the Main Library, Gungguan Library, and Linkou Library.

  1. The limit of the intercampus loan services for each patrol is eight titles per month.
  2. The intercampus loan services will take three working days after the request has been sent to the library. Once the reserved book is returned, the library will send out an email subjected with Intercampus loan item Available to the patron and keep the book for seven days. Please come to collect the book at the circulation desk at the designated library as soon as possible.
  3. All the records and notifications should be subject to the My Library record.
  4. If the reservation expired, the item will be returned and the patrol will have an overdue record. If the patron exceeds two overdue records (including two), the intercampus loan rights will be suspended for 15 days.
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