Photocopy / Printing

Photocopier supplier: Ability International Tenancy Co., LTD. Tel: 02-8768-3658

Coin-operated photocopiers/ printers can be found on the first floor to third floor in the main library, first floor in the Gungguan library and Linkou library. There is a black and white photocopier/ printer on the third floor in the main library, a black and white photocopier/ printer and a color one in SMILE area on the second floor, and a black and white photocopier/ printer on the first floor next to the men’s restroom.

Fee: (Unit: NTD / piece of paper)

Copy/printing / Format A4 B4 A3
B/W copy or printing 1 2 2
Color copy or printing 5 10 10


There are two A4 size scanners, one A3 size scanner, one flatbed scanner in the Smile learning area on the second floor in the Main Library. They are free of charge for NTNU patrons. External library visitors please contact the reference & information desk on the second floor for use. One page costs NT$1.

Scanned document file please save in the USB flash drive, not the local hard drive. The library is not responsible for the loss or damage of the file saved on the hard disk.

The scanner is the self-service machine. Please refer to the instruction guide on the computer desktop for the use. If there is any malfunction, please ask the counter on the second floor for help.

Easy-to-use instruction guide

  1. Turn on the scanner power, open the lid, and put the document to be scanned.
  2. Activate the software for the scanner (shortcut on the desktop), as shown in the figure below.

    A3 scanner on the No. 36 seat – corresponding scan software

    A4 scanner (white) corresponding scan software

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