1. Limited to the academic research and teaching purpose for NTNU faculty and students. Please use them in a rational scope. Please read the terms and conditions of the databases and copyright clearance before using and comply with the intellectual property rights.
  2. Infringement of the copyright or the mass download is not accepted. (1) Do not use it for profit-making activities, including sales, dissemination, and service with charge, photocopying, etc. (2) Open Proxy or automatic download software to capture the materials is prohibited. (3) Reproduction is prohibited.
  3. Do not share your account and password with others. Regular change of the passwords is recommended. Executing anti-virus software scanning and clearing browser history data can effectively lower the risk of being hacked.
  4. Once the infringement or illegal activities are verified, the user’s IP/ account will be suspended. The relevant legal responsibilities will be borne by the user. The violator must apologise to the database company or journal publisher in person. The university may be affected by the suspension due to the violation of terms and conditions. Please comply with the regulations and legal compliance.
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