Establish an academy with high quality and excellence, and become a model of university library that is prospective and has international influence.


The NTNU library respects the pass down of culture, contributes in creating, applying, sharing and preserving the result of knowledge, which becomes the core motive force for facilitating academic and education.

Core value

  • User friendly
  • Innovative thinking
  • Cooperation
  • Outstanding services

Goals and strategies

I. Establish quality information and knowledge environment, shape the heart of the university knowledge.

  • Develop excellent collections in quality and quantity to meet the diverse knowledge needs of patrons.
  • Establish a flexible compound library space to serve as the third place of patrons.
  • Drive the internationalization of library space and services to increase the international atmosphere of NTNU campuses.
  • Develop creative digital technology to establish intelligent library information services.

II. Enhance the academic research information services, strengthen the information literacy and holistic reading.

  • Improve the scholar information service to support the life cycle of scholarly communication.
  • Strengthen information literacy and holistic reading to cultivate leaders with humanistic and scientific literacy.

III. Inherit and value the importance cultural assets, feature the creativities of students and faculty.

  • Curate NTNU history and special collections to preserve and add values to important cultural heritage.
  • Increase the capacity of cultural invention and publication to manifest the multi-variant creativity.
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