Apply for Art Exhibition

Eligibility NTNU faculty, staff, student, alumni or invited guest by the library.
Application procedures Please check the Art Exhibition Schedule first. Call or visit the library at the second floor of the Main library, or the first floor of the Gungguan Library or Linkou Library to reserve the date and venue.
  • The display wall on the first floor of the Main Library.
  • The display area on the second floor in Gungguan Library (temporary closed for the renovation).
  • The display area on the first floor in Linkou Library.
  1. When reserving the date, please consider the time required for installation and dismantling. The exhibition period is based on the request via telephone or in-person discussion. Please e-mail the Art Exhibition Application form to the contact person after the discussion. A confirmation email will be sent when the reservation is done. For any changes to the exhibition period, please contact the library as soon as possible.
  2. The library reserves the right to cancel the exhibition for major cause, and shall inform the exhibitor a month before the event. The exhibitor shall not object or request compensation.
  3. The exhibition is free of charge. Please keep the venue intact and follow the regulation.
  4. The exhibitor should check the venue and equipment with the library contact person at the end of the exhibition. For the items that are non-library properties, please remove them during the dismantling of exhibition.
  5. It is not allowed to set up equipment without permission. If there are special needs, please contact the library in advance.
  6. The library reserves the right to terminate the exhibition immediately when the content does not correspond to the application or the venue is transferred to other patrons without permission.
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