In alignment with the overall university development and the consensus of the entire community, the library sets the vision of digital and innovative service, diverse and abundant collection, building up a knowledge campus and development of an outstanding university. In management, the library is moving toward a digital library as the goal and aims to 1) establish a creative reading and virtual information C-space, 2) develop abundant digital resource and feature collection: D-collection, and 3) set up the ubiquitous digital service, U-services as developing strategies.

The NTNU library contains the Main Library, Gungguan Library, Linkou Library and four department libraries. The library has committed to developing all kinds of digital resources in recent years. In addition to the subscription to the databases, e-journals, and e-books for teaching and research for faculty and students, the library has been devoted to the NTNU publication, such as NTNU academic journals and the institutional repository of teacher’s publications, the digitalization of the special collection, such as the rare book digitalization for readers to retrieve online and read the rare books which can hardly find on the market.

The library has an ample feature collection. There are collections from Northeastern University that the ministry of education commissioned in 1949 and also collections of 20,000 titles donated by the former vice president Chen Cheng. There are many rare books and the precious Song dynasty version of Mencius. Other critical titles include over 200 kinds of Chinese rare books. Moreover, Asian study is one of the major features. The library collects and preserves ample rare books owned by Prof. Gernot Prunner, a well-known Asian researcher. The collection is a crucial resource for Asian studies. Vinyl LP is another feature collection. The library has popular masterpieces of Taiwan traditional theatre music from 1920 to 1950.

The library is also the university press that not only organizes and publishes teacher and students’ works with a meticulous review process, but also makes use of the rich cultural heritage of Taiwan and NTNU to develop quality gifts and products. They are popular among teachers, students and foreigners.

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