Location: wooden deck area next to the Main Library gate.

NTNU Library Lending Machine

Good news for readers. The NTNU library lending machine is open 24/7 for students whether the weather is good or bad.

A borrower just needs to swipe the student ID card and put the shelf number to borrow a library book.

NTNU is the first university to launch the automated book borrow and return machine. Our students can browse the display titles from the glass window. If you would like to borrow a book, remember the shelf number, and type it into the machine, the book will then be pulled out for you.

If you would like to browse the whole collection in the lending machine, please scan the QR code attached to the lending machine.

There are three shelves. Each can have 134 books. 402 books are the maximum for the selected collection. The return box can accommodate 1,000 books.

Each shelf has a different topic. The top shelf displays literature, the second shelf displays philosophy and the bottom shelf is for the top-ranked titles.

The selection for the lending machine is based on popularity and the reservation rate. The service is popular among students and increases the reading rate. The new return service takes the reading atmosphere on the NTNU campus to a higher level.


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