National Taiwan Normal University started out as Taihoku Higher School under the Taiwanese Governor-General (usually referred to simply as Taihoku Higher School) established in 1922. The university was first established on the land and building of the No.1 Taihoku High School (Now Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School). The university was relocated to Guting campus (current location) in 1926. After WWII, the government took over the Taihoku high school in 1945 and established the Taiwan Provincial Teachers College in June 1946. The library was established on the third floor of the administrative building. In 1952, the library campus built an eight-floor renaissance-style building. In 1980, the eight-floor semicircle building was built and launched in 1984. In 1991, the seven-floor library of the college of science was established. In 2006 the former Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students library was merged into the main library and became the Linkou branch library. The NTNU library building contains the Main Library, Gungguan Library and Linkou Library.

Since the library was established, the library directors have been leading the library according to service norms and spirits written in Article 4.2.3 in Library Law, keeping the needs of the NTNU faculty and students in mind, supporting research, teaching, promotion and to an appropriate degree open to the public, hoping to leverage the library services to the full scale. The leadership of the library directors: Ishimoto Iwane (1946), Dr Shen, Ming-Chang (1947-1948), Dr Pen, Cheng-Yi (1949-1955), Dr Wang, Chen-Ku (1956-1976), Dr Margarel Chang Fung (1977-1979), Dr Yang, Kuo Shih (1980-1984), Dr Jin Jiucheng (1985-1987), Dr Lin, Meng-Zhen (1988.01-1995.07), Dr Lin, Sheng Yee (1995.08-1999.07), Dr Liang, Heng-Zheng (1999.08-2004.07), Dr Chang, Kuo-En (2004.08-2007.07), Dr Chen, Chao-Chen (2007.08-2013.07), Dr Ke, Hao-Ren (2013.08-2022.07), and Dr Shyue-Cherng Liaw (2022.08-present).

The operation of the library aims at trying our best and at the same time down to earth. The current operation emphasized three format types: (1) Service form: from the traditional book display, borrow, and return to proactively deliver and disseminate the information. (2) archive media format: from printing to animated multimedia and digital media. (3) service form: from the physical collection links to the world wide web, actively make use of the library information to promote all the services, assisting the reader to access the information and facilitate lifelong learning. The library service is user orientated. The acquisition of library resources is based on scholarly research. The library provides document delivery, interlibrary loan, and electronic resources retrieval, manages NTNU history and archive, and creatively combines the art exhibition space to organize activities. Regarding services and promotion affairs, and in alignment with the development of multiple information technology, the library grows with society and is proven to be innovative and effective.

Year History
1946 Established Taiwan Provincial Teachers College and the library.
1949 Construction of a renaissance style two-floor building.
1955 Restructured to Taiwan Provincial Normal University library.
1967 Restructured to National Taiwan Normal University Library.
1975 Established College of Science and set up the college of science library branch.
1984 Relocate the main library to the new built 8-floor semicircle building.
1991 Relocate the college of science library branch to the new built 8-floor rectangle building.
2006 The former Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students library was merged into the main library and became the Linkou branch library.
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