Rapid cataloging service is for supporting faculty and students' teaching and learning needs. In addition to regular cataloging, rapid cataloging can be grouped into two.

I. Rapid cataloging for the materials (including resources for research projects) purchased by the department.

  1. While the department processing the acceptance of the purchased materials, the applicant can submit the application for rapid cataloging.
  2. The rapid cataloging amount is around 30 titles per working day.
  3. The order of processing is based on the requested order. The resources for the research study have priority.

II. Online rapid catalog service

  1. When searching the online catalog, if the status of the resource shows “in processing,” there will be a “apply for rapid catalog.” If the patron needs it, please click on the button to apply.
  2. The rapid cataloging service for supporting faculty and students’ learning and research need. This service is meant for the materials that the library has purchased but is still in the cataloging process. Before submitting the request, please make sure it is an urgent need. The abuse of the service would affect the overall process of the library operation work.
  3. Each patron can apply for a maximum of three titles per month.
  4. Rapid cataloging materials can be done within five working days starting from the next day of the application.
  5. When the book is processed and cataloged, the library will reserve it for the patron and send out the “Request Books Arrive” email to the patron. The item will be reserved for seven days. Please proceed to the pickup branch to collect the item at your earliest convenience.
  6. The “Request Books Arrive” notice email is sent via email. Please visit the My Library to check the email address.
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