About the System

NARlabs Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) commissioned National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Library to set up a national interlibrary loan service center, and develop Nationwide Document Delivery Service. The library that is a member of the Interlibrary Cooperation Association can utilize the system to process the application of material copies or loans. At the moment, the system provides Union List of Serials, NARLAbs STPI of theses and dissertations catalog, Conference Papers catalog, and NSC research reports for retrieval. It is a convenient way to search for domestic and international resources. All are welcome to make good use of the service.

Application Steps

I. Enter NDDS Nationwide Document Delivery Service system.

II. User ID and password

Create an account (for new users):

  1. Eligibility: NTNU faulty / staff / student.
  2. Select Create an Account. (Please follow the webpage instruction to fill out personal information and remember the password)
  3. Note that NTNU patrons should put in the department and address information in addition to the required field.
  4. It will take around 1 to 2 working days after the new user has registered. The librarian needs to review the information. After receiving the account confirmation email, the patron can start to use the online NDDS service.
  5. Please note that Yahoo! mail or Hotmail often have the email block out issue. It is advised to use the NTNU school email or refer to the suggested problem shooting method to settle the problem.

【Important】: If not receiving the email notification, please log in to the NDDS Nationwide Document Delivery Service system to check. Not receiving the email notifications cannot be the reason to extend the loan period or be exempt from the late fee.。

Registered reader:

  1. In user area, the patron can update personal information and password anytime, and also can check the status of the requested document.
  2. If the patron forgets the password, please visit the NDDS > user area > forgot password, and type in the national ID number to retrieve the password. The system will send the password email to the patron’s email box.

III. Material Request

Please follow the instruction after login to choose the application method:

  1. Check the NTNU library catalog: please check the library catalog / Discovery, to make sure the intended books and journal articles are not in the NTNU library collection.
  2. 【Important】 Rapid ILL Document Delivery of English Journal Articles service provide free material copy service for materials and journal articles in western languages. If the NTNU library does not have the western language journal article document (limited to ones published by European or American publishers, the ones by China, Japan, South Korea, and other publishers in Asia are excluded), please use the free Rapid ILL Western Language Document Delivery Service first. If not available, then use the NDDS Nationwide Document Delivery Service (fee-based service).
  3. Check the union catalog first then apply: Please visit the union catalogs provided on the NDDS Nationwide Document Delivery Service or the catalog of the cooperating library to search for the material and then fill out the interlibrary loan service. Provide the current information and select the cooperating library. Review all the information before submitting it. When the requested document arrives at NTNU library, the library will notify you with an email to come and pay. (The SMS service is not applicable in this service)

IV. Nationwide Document Delivery Services

The service charge is depending on the cooperating library (Please refer to the information on the NDDS webpage). The processing time is also depending on the cooperating library. It takes 3 to a month (including the post-delivery 3 to 7 working days)

【Important】Argent copy: please select NDDS Express delivery for the copy of the requested material. For the book material please select registered post-delivery.

  1. Copy material: the fee is NT$3 to 5 per page plus service fee (NT$0 – 20), and the postage fee.
  2. Book: NT$50 -100 per title + service fee (NT$0-20) + postage fee (Registered post only).
  3. Loan period: depending on the cooperating library. Usually, around 14 – 30 days and cannot be renewed.

V. International Document Delivery Service

Only photocopying service is provided for the international document delivery service. The chapter can be photocopied from the requested titles.

  1. The NTNU library send the copy request to the NAR Labs STPI. The processing time varies from two weeks to several months. All the copies will be sent by registered post.
  2. Photocopying journal article, conference paper, book tiles (complete chapter), the price go from NT$450 for each request, depending on the overseas library.
  3. International dissertations and theses: NT$2,700 for each dissertation/thesis via ProQuest. Retrieved from other providers, the price varies by provider. (International dissertations and theses do not provide chapter photocopying)
  4. International copyright rules prohibit photocopying the entire journal or exceeding one-third of the title. (There is a limit for photocopying the same title.)
  5. Once the request is submitted, it cannot be cancelled. Photocopy in color is not available.


  1. Register username and password: Please fill out the department and address information in addition to the required field.
  2. Fill in the request form: If the reader wants to pick up at the Gungguan Library or Linkou Library, please put the pickup branch information in the Remarks field.
  3. Pickup: Please come and pick up the document and make the payment within one week after the email notification is sent. Readers who choose to pick up at Gungguan or Linkou library: the main library is in charge of receiving the requested documents and then transferring the document to the designated branch through the school bus. It will take an additional one to three working days. Please come to the branch library after receiving the notification.
  4. Cancel: Once the application for interlibrary cooperation is being processed by the other library, it cannot be cancelled. The reader needs to pay and pickup the document.
  5. Payment:
    (1) Please pay with cash. Credit is not allowed. If the reader needs a receipt for a reimbursement claim, please inform the librarian while picking up the document.
    (2) External research projects granted by the MOST or MOE can use the invoice issued by NTNU library for the reimbursement claim. (For detailed information, please reach out to the contact accountant.)
    (3) Research projects sponsored by the NTNU budget can only use the internal transfer to reimburse. Please provide the approved payment form and the paper for pasting the invoice list while picking up the document. Reader with required documents provide can pick up the requested material. Reader with incomplete documents needs to pay in cash first and then submit the entire required documents within one week to ask for the refund. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  6. Return:
    (1) The loan borrowed through the NDDS service cannot be renewed. The late fee and the lost/damaged issues are depending on the regulation of the cooperating library.
    (2) Please return the books to the library where you pick up the materials and inform the librarian that the books are borrowed from the NDDS service. Fill out the return form with the date of return, the application number, and the borrower's name (books can be returned by others). Please do not return to the box drop. The library is not liable for the loss, damage, or overdue issues that occurred.
    (3) The number of overdue days is based on the date of return filled out on the return form. The reader who returns to the book drop, the return date will be the date that librarian scanned back on the system. Returning to the book drop cannot be the reason to extend the loan period or waiver of the late fee.
  7. If you have any questions regarding the interlibrary cooperation service, please do not hesitate to email us at lib5@deps.ntnu.edu.tw or call us at 886-2-77495235 and 886-2-77495246.
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