To make it easier for the patron to borrow library materials, the patron can make use of the automated self-checkout machine on the ground floor in the main library in addition to the circulation desk. To return books, the patron is welcome to make use of the 24hreturn box at the main library, gungguan library, and linkou library.

The automated self-checkout machine is the machine reading the patron and the status of the book. If the conditions such as ID card issue, barcode damaged, magnet strip issue, sensor failure, etc, and the books could not be checked out by the machine properly, please proceed to the circulation desk to check out. While using the self-checkout machine, please follow the instructions posted aside and print out the loan list receipt after check out to ensure one’s borrowing privilege.


The book returned to the return box will be scanned back the next day. Please make sure only the NTNU library books are returned. The patron is liable for the mis-returned books. The actual return books shall be based on the items returned by the library. Prior to that, the loan limit should be based on the computer record.

  Patron Status Item Limits Loan Period
Faculty Full-time faculty members、Part-time faculty members 100 6Month
  Honorary professors, Visiting professors 100 6Month
  Retired Faculty 50 2Month
  Faculty of Mandarin Training Center and Extension, School of Continuing Education 50 2Month
Researchers Researcher 100 6Month
  Postdoctoral Researcher 100 6Month
Students Doctoral and Master Student 100 6Month
  Undergraduate Student 60 4Month
  Students of Division of Preparatory Programs for Oversea Chinese Students 30 1Month
  Interns in the Fifth Year 15 1Month
  Leave of absence Student  (NT$2,000 deposit required) 15 1Month
  leave of absence Student  (NT$500 per semester for using the library and NT$1,000 for a full school year) 30 60Days
Administration Regular employees and Staff members  50 2Month
  Full Time Project Assistant 20 2Month
  Retired Employee 10 1Month
Alumni Alumni 15 1Month
  Friends of Library 5 21Days
Others Students of Mandarin Training Center 5 1Month
  Students of NTNU extension, school of continuing education 10 1Month
  Partner Library Loan Service Users 5 Subject to the Agreement Between the Two Libraries


The default library membership period for undergraduate and graduate students is four years and for doctoral students seven years. If the student exceeds the default expiry date and not graduate yet, please bring the student card to the library circulation desk to extend the expiry date after registering for the academic year.

The student who suspended the study and comes back to school please visit the library circulation desk to reactivate the membership after registering the semester.

Some titles are for using in the library only. Please use them in the library and do not bring it out.

Book accompanying material

To avoid damage to the magnet, all the book accompanying materials are stored separately from the title. The library has been providing an automatic checkout service since 16 May2016. However, if the patron wants to borrow the accompanying material, please bring the valid ID card to the cashier to borrow. The number of CDs checked outwill be added to the total loan. The loan period is the same as the book title. When returning, please return the accompanying material separately. To avoid damage on accompany materials, please do not put them inside the book nor put them into the return box.

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