The library was established in accordance with Article 9, Item 7 of the University Charter: "The NTNU Libraries shall take charge of library activities such as the collection, recording, cataloging, browsing and archiving of library information resources, the provision of picture information services, and the management of school history records and publications. It has six divisions, one each for bibliography management, circulation and collection management, acquisition and development, digital technologies and information systems, reference and outreach services, and the special collections and university archives of university history. It also runs the NTNU Press. The NTNU Libraries shall be headed by the University Librarian and the Associate University Librarian. Each division shall be led by a Division Head, and the NTNU Press by a Director. Secretaries and staff shall be appointed if needed. The NTNU Libraries shall establish library branches when necessary. These branches shall be headed by a Director, and shall appoint the necessary employees."


Download: Library Committee Organizational Regulations

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