Reviewed and passed by the Academic and Administrative Joint Meeting on January, 19, 2011


Article 1 Objective
National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereafter “the Library”) has established these recruitment guidelines as part of the intention to establish the Friends of the Library program, which aims to form friendly relations with members of the general public and organizations and share the libraries’ collection of resources and services.

Article 2 Target subjects:

  • (I) Individual members
    1. ROC citizens over the age of 18.
    2. Annual fee of NT$3,000, membership effective for 1 year starting from the approval day and may be renewed.
    3. A deposit of NT$3,000 must be made upon joining and will be returned interest-free at the end of membership. If a member violates the Library's “Loan Policies” and refuses to pay the relevant fines, the Library may deduct the fines from the deposit.
  • (II) Group members
    1. ROC companies or corporate bodies.
    2. Annual fee of NT$100,000. A Friend of the Library card will be issued for the institution to manage and use freely, though the institution should appoint a contact person. The membership is effective for 1 year starting from the approval date and may be renewed.
    3. No deposit required. However, the applicant must guarantee to pay any outstanding fines relating to book loans.
  • (III) Donation members
    1. Any individual or group that has donated money, books, or equipment to NTNU and are eligible according to the “National Taiwan Normal University Fundraising Regulations”.
    2. A Friend of the Library card is issued for single donations of over NT$100,000 The membership is effective for 1 year starting from the approval date and may be renewed.
    3. No deposit needed. However, memberships will not be renewed for members who fail to pay fines incurred due to violations of our book loaning policies.
  • (IV) Service learning members
    1. Students who elect to take library-related service learning courses and pass the evaluation are eligible to apply for a “Friend of the Library” card.
    2. No annual fee or deposit required. Book lending and other relevant rights will be based on the student's ID. The membership is effective for one year starting from the approval date and may be renewed until the student graduates.
    3. Members enjoy priority access to various library events. Because service learning members are also NTNU students, they should use their student ID to borrow books.

Article 3 Recruitment
Please make an application at the circulation desk of the Main Library in person with the following documents:

  • (I) Fill out the Friend of the Library application form.
  • (II) Submit documents:
    1. Individual members should submit their ID and a two-inch photo;
    2. Group members should submit a copy of their business registration certificate, business license, or corporate body certificate.
    3. Donation members should submit donation receipts and other supporting documents.
    4. Service learning members should submit proof of course election.
  • (III) Fees:
    1. Annual fees and deposits are paid in cash.
    2. A card production fee of NT$100 will also be levied (an additional $100 fee will be charged if the card needs to be replaced).
  • (IV) No refunds
    Once the Friend of the Library card has been issued, members may not ask for a refund. The card is for personal use only and may not be loaned to others. If such acts are discovered, the Library has the right to confiscate and terminate membership rights without refunding the annual fee or deposit.

Article 4 Service contents

  • (I) Reading: Members may enter using their cards and read various books and journals during library opening hours. The Library's Reading Rules should be followed.
  • (II) Borrowing books:
    1. Members may borrow up to 5 books for 21 days. The loan cannot be extended, and no reserve service is provided.
    2. If a book is reserved by other patrons during the loan period, the borrower shall return the book within 14 days of receiving the "recall notice" issued by the Library.
    3. All books on loan and recalled books shall be returned on time. A late penalty of NT$5 shall be imposed on each book for each day after the due date, and the right to borrow additional books shall be suspended until all books are returned.
    4. If a borrowed book is lost or damaged, the method of compensation shall be handled in accordance with the Library’s Loan Policies.
  • (III) Multimedia data: Members can access multimedia content at the library but may not borrow them.
  • (IV) Electronic resources: Members may search and use electronic journals and databases for free in the SMILE area. The fee for photocopying is subject to the relevant library regulations.
  • (V) NTNU gift shop: Members may purchase products from the NTNU Press at the faculty discount rate.
  • (VI) The library may reserve the number of cards issued to avoid affecting the rights of teachers and students to use the library's resources and services.

Article 5 Amendments
These Guidelines have been implemented with approval from an Academic Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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