Amended by the 157th Executive Committee Meeting on 23 May 1984
Amended by the 222nd Executive Committee Meeting on 6 October 1993
Amended by the 251st Executive Committee Meeting on 5 November 1997
Amended by the 302nd Executive Committee Meeting on 9 March 2005
Amended by the 325th Executive Committee Meeting on 30 September 2009

I. National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereafter NTNU library) arrange study rooms to facilitate research for faculty and students. In addition to the library rules, the use of the study room should be subject to these terms of use.

II. NTNU full-time teaching faculty (including the lecturer level researcher assistant and above in school centers) and the enrolled students (except students in suspension leave) can apply to borrow the study room in accordance with the terms of use. If the visiting scholar or the researcher has a special research need, the scholar may apply for the study room with the approved project use.

III. The library is in charge of the application of using study rooms. The applicant should bring the valid ID to apply one room at once. The distribution is arranged by the order of the application time. The borrower should use the room designated by the library personally.

IV. The study rooms in the main library are for long-term, temporary, discussion and project use. The Gungguan library and Linkou library provide long-term and temporary use. The library has the rights the allocate the use of the study rooms with flexibility. The allocation and borrowing methods are listed:

  1. Long-term use: (1) A month. The application is open from the first to the fifteenth of each month for the next month's reservation. The same room can take up to two applicants at a time to share the room in different time periods. The long-term use of the study room is not open to undergraduate students. (2) the borrower (including the sharer) cannot borrow the temporary use study room within the same month and cannot apply for the next month use.
  2. Temporary use: One day. Apply on the day and can be used by one applicant only.
  3. Discussion use: Please visit Group Room Online Booking.
  4. Project use: the visiting scholar should apply for use with the official document approved by the department. The period is up to three months in principle. For special research needs, the same procedure applies and the period is one month in principle. If there is no reservation, the borrower can extend once.

V. The borrower should borrow the study room at the library counter with NTNU ID card or scan the QR code next to the door to borrow it by himself/herself. The damage of the equipment requires compensation for the price.

VI. The borrower can bring personal books to the study room. Please do not leave the valuable belongings unattended. The library is not responsible for safekeeping and the loss. Keep the room clean and tidy. Please turn of the lights and air conditioner, close the windows and lock the door while leaving.

VII. The borrower should use the room during library open hours. Non-research activity should not take place in the room. If the borrower has the listed behavior, the library has the rights to cancel the use and suspend the borrower’s right to book the room for three months.

  1. Transfer the room to others or exchange with others without the library’s permission.
  2. The library books are not returned to the shelf by the end of the day and has been warned by the librarians twice. (Except for the books borrowed.)
  3. Eat, drink or smoke indoors.
  4. Cover the glass window and interfere the library management. Behavior did not change after persuasion.
  5. Electronic equipment that is irrelevant to research.
  6. Absence without proper reason after booking the room.
  7. Other acts determined by the library to lose the right to use the room.

VIII. For necessary cleaning need, the library can enter the room without the borrower’s consent.

IX. The borrower who exceeds the return date or does not leave after the library terminate the use rights, the library shall remove the personal belongings out and reallocate to other users. The library will notify the borrower regarding the pick up of personally belongings. If the borrower did not come to collect, they will be discarded one week after the notification.

X. For long-term study room, if the borrower does not use the room five consecutive days during library opening time, or use the room for less than half of the library open days within the month, the library can recall the room and reallocate to other users. The use logs are based on the system records and will be counted from the sixth of the month. The restriction in the preceding is not limited to those who have reported to and approved by the library.

XI. The library reserves the rights to notify the borrower to take back the room and the books anytime when necessary.

XII. To serve borrower with special needs, including visual, hearing, learning and other impairment, the library shall reserve some of the research rooms for exclusive use.

XIII. This terms of the use shall come into force on the date of announcement after the resolution is passed by the NTNU library committee.

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