Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on October 27, 2010

Passed during NTNU's 72nd Academic Fund Committee Meeting on July 6, 2011

Article 1  These Guidelines are established to set a standard for the leasing, fees, and management of the International Conference Hall of the NTNU Library.

Article 2  The venue leasing policies as follows:

  • I. Applicants must fill out an application form one month in advance.
  • II. The primary function of the conference hall is to support NTNU events. Therefore, NTNU events take precedent over outside events in the event of a conflict.
  • III. In principle, the venue is available for lease at the following times:
    • • 08:00~12:00
    • • 13:00~17:00
    • • During midterm and final exams, the venue will be made available at all hours for students to study in, and therefore will not be available for lease.
  • IV. Reservations shall be made through application forms. The Library shall notify the applicant of the review results through email, phone, or text message within 3 working days of receiving the application.
  • V. Students may not lease the venue for club events.
  • VI. Special circumstances shall be handled as special cases.

Article 3  Leasing fees:

  • I. The leasing fee for the venue is NT$8000 per period (includes equipment use and service fees)
  • II. The leasing fee must be paid on the day of using the venue.

Article 4  Venue fee discounts are as follows:
For leases of 10 periods (inclusive) within one year, a 20% discount shall be applied to venue fees./p>

  • I. The above discount only applies when an applicant leases all 10 periods at once, and shall not apply if the applicant cumulatively leases 10 periods over the course of the year.
  • II. NTNU colleges, departments, institutes, and administrative units shall receive a 50% discount on leasing fees. In principle, payment should be made via a wire transfer within the school system.
  • III. In the event that an NTNU unit organizes, co-organizes, or sponsors an event with an outside party, fees will be determined based which party the receipt is issued to. If the receipt is issued to the NTNU unit, the 50% discount shall apply. If the receipt is issued to the outside party, then standard leasing fees apply.
  • IV. Instances where fees (including equipment use and service fees) are waived for NTNU units leasing the venue shall be handled on a case by case basis.

Article 5  Should the following situations arise, permission to use the venue will be revoked, and usage stopped for those who are already using the venue:

  • I. Usage is inconsistent with registration contents, guidelines are violated, or the lease is transferred to others for usage.
  • II. NTNU’s venue equipment may be damaged during the event.
  • III. If an event did not apply for a lease renewal according to the rules.
  • IV. The venue was not returned on time.
  • V. Other actions deemed inappropriate by NTNU.

Article 6  The above mentioned “lease” only refers to the venue itself and the equipment already at the venue. Other additional equipment services are not provided.

Article 7  Applicants may not put up posters or decorations in the following locations:

  • I. The Main Library exhibition hall and the walls of each floor.
  • II. The glass, tiled walls, and front doors of the library.
  • III. Walls within the venue.
  • IV. Other locations deemed inappropriate by NTNU.

Article 8  Notices:

  • I. Applicants must properly maintain the equipment within the venue, and shall be responsible for repairs or compensation at the market price for any damage.
  • II. Applicants may not use electrical outlets without permission.
  • III. Noise, safety, and energy wastage issues arising from use of the premises must be remedied in accordance with the directions of the Library. If the issues are not remedied, the Library has the authority to stop the applicant from using the venue.
  • IV. Applicants must return the venue and equipment on time so as to not affect the party leasing the venue in the subsequent period. If an event fails to end on time, the venue management has the right to cut off microphones after half an hour and suspend the leasing party from leasing the venue for 2 years. An additional leasing fee for one period will be charged for the overtime.
  • V. Applicants must confirm the use of the venue two weeks before the usage date. If not, the Library reserves the right to cancel their applications.

Article 9  Any matters that are not addressed in these Guidelines shall be governed by other NTNU policies deemed relevant.

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