Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on September 17, 2013

The National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) provides services in accordance with the Library Act, and hereby informs you of the following items pursuant to regulations in Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act. Please read the following information carefully.

I. Purpose for Collecting Personal Information

The Library collects your personal information for the purposes of executing related operations including resource utilization and service promotion.

II. Types of Personal Information Collected

  1. Personal information collected by the Library include your Chinese/English names, ID number, Unified National ID number, telephone number, home address, email address, book borrowing/returning records, reference and consulting records, activity history, etc. as detailed in various service application forms.
  2. The Library and the electronic resource supplier shall use cookies to manage and maintain records for various Internet resource services including the collection of IP addresses, websites browsed, files accessed, times, and other tracking information.

III. Usage Period, Region, Target, and Method of the Personal Information Collected

  1. The Library may make reasonable use of your personal information during the purpose of collection or within the period for performing certain operations. The region of use shall not be restricted.
  2. The Library shall use your personal information to execute various operations for the announced purpose of collection, including contacting you and sending you notifications required for certain operations.
  3. The Library shall use various records of accessing Internet resource services to conduct research on the overall network traffic, usage behavior, as well as value-added applications to enhance the service quality of the website. The Library shall not conduct analysis on individual users.

IV. Provision of Personal Information

  1. You may choose whether to provide related personal information; however, if you refuse to provide personal information, the Library will be unable to provide related services.
  2. Please provide the correct, the latest and most complete personal information in accordance with various service requirements. If there are any changes in your personal information, please contact the Library to make corrections.
  3. The Library shall not be held responsible for compensation if you provide incorrect, outdated, incomplete, or misleading information which violates your related rights.

V. Confidentiality of Personal Information

The Library shall fulfill its responsibility for protecting your personal information. In the event of a natural disaster, unexpected incident, or other force majeure that causes your personal information to be stolen, leaked, tampered with, or violated by others, the Library shall choose an appropriate method to contact you via the telephone, email, or website announcements after conducting investigations.

VI. Your Rights Over the Personal Information

You may exercise the following rights on the personal information collected by the Library in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. Request for an inquiry or review.
  2. Request to make duplicate copies.
  3. Request to supplement or correct the information.
  4. Request to discontinue the collection, processing, or use of personal information. However, the Library may refuse such a request in order to carry out certain operations.

Please contact the Library if you wish to exercise any of the rights described above, or if you have any concerns or recommendations.

Tel: 02-77495235. Email:。The contact window for filing personal information protection complaints at the Library is the Department of Circulation & Collection Management.

VII. Validity of the Consent Form

  1. By signing this form, you shall be deemed as having read and agreed to the information contained in this consent form.
  2. The Library retains the right to revise the consent form at any time, and all revision content shall be announced on the Library's website. Within one month of the announcement, if you do not submit an objection or continue to use the Library's related services, you shall be deemed as having agreed to the revision made by the Library.
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