Passed during the Library Affairs Meeting in August 2018

Passed by the 2nd Library Committee Meeting for the 34th academic year on October 22, 2019

Article 1 National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereafter “the Library”) has established these Guidelines to maintain a tranquil and clean reading environment and properly manage library resources and equipment.

Article 2 Patrons should abide by the rules of the Library and should not display the following behaviors. Violators will be written up once.

  • I. Lending personal ID/account to another person or fraudulently using another person’s ID/account.
  • II. Bringing food, beverages, or animals into the library, or smoking or eating in the library.
  • III. Loudly talking, laughing, or otherwise making noises that will disturb other patrons.
  • IV. Improperly using library equipment or damaging the cleanliness of the environment.
  • V. Unauthorized photography or filming.
  • VI. Leaving the library late or staying in the library after closing time.
  • VII. Using library computers to download improper materials or visit pornographic websites.
  • VIII. Harassing other patrons for no reason.
  • Serious violators of the rules and violators that refuse to be dissuaded or display a bad attitude may be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Article 3 Those who have been written up twice shall be subject to the following:

  • I. NTNU patrons: 10 hours of service learning or suspension of library privileges for 3 months.
  • II. Visitor patrons: 6 month ban.
  • III. The Library shall regularly update the list of violations on the bulletin board (or website).

Article 4 Major violators, such as those who damage, steal, or seize property, violate rights, sexually harass others, or violate public order, shall be punished by the school if they are NTNU patrons. If they are members of the general public, the campus police will be notified to handle the matter and they will be banned from the Library permanently.

Article 5 These Guidelines have been approved and are implemented by the Library Committee. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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