Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on July 23, 2003

I. National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereafter “the Library”) has established these Guidelines for family members of the faculty to use the Library.

II. Faculty family cards will only be issued to the spouses or immediate family members over the age of 18 of NTNU full-time faculty members and staff. The cards are valid until the faculty or staff member resigns or retires. Family members must present their cards to enter the Library.

III. To apply for a faculty family card, faculty members must bring the household certificate or ID of their family member, a one-inch photo, and their employee ID to the circulation desk of the Main Library and fill out an application form.

IV. New applicants will be charged a NT$200 card order fee. An additional NT$200 card order fee and one-inch photo will be required if the card is lost and needs to be reissued.

V. The number of books borrowed by family members shall be counted as part of the number of books borrowed by the faculty member.

VI. Faculty family cards allow faculty family members to read and borrow books from the Library, but do not grant access to the General Reading Room. Other regulations are subject to relevant rules of the Library.

VII. Faculty family cards cannot be loaned to others. If such behavior is discovered, the Library has the right to suspend the card.

VIII. These Guidelines have been implemented after approval by a Library Affairs Meeting. The same applies to all subsequent amendments.

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