Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on December 2, 2002

Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on December 28, 2015

Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on September 5, 2019


I. The National Taiwan Normal University Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) has created these guidelines in order to effectively process donated books and materials.

II. Donated books and materials will be accepted if they meet the University’s research or collection acquisition criteria. However, the following types of books and information shall not be accepted:

  1. Books or information reprinted or reproduced in violation of the Copyright Act.
  2. Books or materials with only temporary value, not worth circulating or archiving.
  3. Outdated books or materials without academic value.
  4. Books or materials with copies already owned by the Library. Exceptions may be made for books or materials in high demand or with special purposes.
  5. Books or materials with missing pages, in poor condition, or in incomplete sets. Exceptions may be made for books or materials in high demand or that serve special purposes.
  6. Books or materials whose pages have been marked with lines, notes, or highlights.
  7. Books or materials featuring religious or political propaganda, or featuring business advertisements.
  8. Sexual or violent content.
  9. Personally-produced newspaper clippings or materials in lose pages shall not be collected. Exceptions can be made for items of high value.
  10. Digital materials that are publicly and freely available on the Internet shall not be collected.

III. Only University faculty are allowed to make personal donations of books or materials. In principle, donated books or materials will not be stored in a dedicated location or on a dedicated shelf. Donors should deliver donated books to the Library. The Library will not collect donated books from other locations.

IV. The Library has the right to handle donated books and materials as it sees fit, including collecting, displaying, discarding, or giving away these books or materials. In ambiguous or controversial cases, the Collection, Acquisition and Development division will invite related parties to discuss how these cases would be handled. Unless written notice is provided in advance that books and materials shall not be added to the Library’s collection and needs to be returned to the donor, the Library will not return any donated books or materials.

V. Donors who provide a method of contact when making donations will receive a letter of appreciation from the Library after the donated books or materials have been accepted. Donors who donate large quantities of books or materials, or highly-valuable books or materials, will receive special appreciation after a resolution to do so is passed by the Library Affairs Meeting.

VI. These guidelines have been implemented after being approved by the Library Affairs Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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