Handling Unit: Division of Acquisitions & Development
Handling Officer: Wu Yi-Xiu
Application Date: Working Hours
Contact number: 886-2-77495260

I. Approval Procedures:

(1) Before Approval

  1. Chinese and Western books and materials are required to undergo Library Books Assessment Procedures via the Library Assessment System.
  2. Materials not in the form of a book (such as CD-ROMs, pictures and graphs, or test materials) should be listed in an Excel spreadsheet and submitted to the Approval Procedures Handling Officer of the NTNU Libraries Collection and Editing Division.
  3. Please first arrange for a date for the required approval procedures with the NTNU Libraries Collection and Editing Division, and submit the required books and materials for approval on that date.

(2) During the Approval Process

The Handling Officer for the department or institute applying for approval should provide the original receipt certificate and two copies of the list of procured books to the NTNU Libraries for approval and signing.

(3) After Completing the Acceptance Process

The Handling Officer for the department or institute applying for approval should access the System Operations Platform and print out the Asset Acquisition Form and the Library Books List before independently applying for an expense reimbursement.

II. Applying for Urgent Approval and Long-term Book Loans:
  1. If books or materials are urgently needed, please make a note on the application form that the application requires urgent priority when applying for approval.
  2. After the books have been processed, long-term loans for a duration of up to three years can be applied for if necessary.
Approximately thirty books in the urgent priority queue are processed each business day. Books are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis, with books needed for research projects given priority. Loans of books checked out by a department or institute’s library that have not been returned to the main library should be independently managed by the department or institute’s own library.

IV. Expense Claims:
Expenses shall be claimed pursuant to the regulations set by the University’s Accounting Department. Please refer to the University’s Important Information on Claiming Commission and Grant Expenses for Research Projects for how the procurement and claiming of expenses for books procured for a research project are to be handled.

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