Established in the Library Affairs Meeting on November 12, 2009
Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on October 29, 2014

I. Students and full-time faculty of the University are eligible to borrow an Interlibrary Library Card at All Collaborating Libraries (hereinafter referred to as the Interlibrary Loan Card) by presenting their student ID card or employee certificate at the Main Library, Gongguan Branch Library, or Linkou Branch Library during working hours. This card can also be reserved online.

II. Each person is eligible to borrow up to three Interlibrary Loan Cards (limited to one card per university), which must be returned before a set expiry date. New Interlibrary Loan Cards shall not be loaned out to persons who have not returned all materials borrowed or paid off all library fines incurred on an old card. Five books can be borrowed for a duration of three weeks to a month (pursuant to the rules of the collaborating library) on each Interlibrary Loan Card. Books cannot be reserved, and loan durations cannot be renewed. (National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Tamkang University and Chinese Culture University provide mobile library services that can be used to return books.)

III. Interlibrary Loan Cards are reserved for three days after being received by the Library, and shall not be kept after that period if unclaimed.

IV. Borrowers are required to return all borrowed books and pay any library fines incurred at collaborating libraries before returning the Interlibrary Loan Card to the Library. Borrowers who are late in returning expired Interlibrary Loan Cards shall have their ability to borrow books from the NTNU Libraries temporarily revoked until they return their Interlibrary Loan Card.

V. Borrowers who fail to pick up or return their Interlibrary Loan Cards within the set period two or more times shall lose their right to apply for a Interlibrary Loan Card for 30 days.

VI. Interlibrary Loan Cards that have not been returned for more than two months past their expiry date shall be considered missing, and the responsible borrower shall be required to pay NT$200 as a fee for creating a new card.

VII. Borrowers who have lost their Interlibrary Loan Cards should notify the Library of the loss as soon as possible, and pay NT$200 as a fee for creating a new card. The original Interlibrary Loan Card borrower shall be held responsible if their lost Interlibrary Loan Card is fraudulently used by another person before its loss has been reported. Compensation shall be paid pursuant to the rules of each collaborating library.

VIII. Interlibrary Loan Card borrowers shall follow the rules of each collaborating library. Their borrowing privileges shall be revoked in the event of any rule violations.

IX. These Guidelines have been implemented after being approved by the Library Affairs Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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