Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on May 29, 2012
Passed in the University’s 30th Library Committee Meeting on June 1, 2012
Passed in the University’s 1st Administrative Meeting on October 31, 2012


I. National Taiwan Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the University) has set out the following guidelines for the collection of historical school artifacts.

II. The objective of these guidelines is to encourage the collection of historical artifacts and relics that can present the history of the university from the past to present, for the purpose of research, display and promotion of University history, as well as for preservation and maintenance.

III. Artifact types to be collected should present the development of University history; all documents, letters, photographs, books, periodicals, newspapers, audio and visual materials, relics and other objects related to University history are to be included in the collection.

IV. Artifacts shall mainly be obtained through donations, exchanges or replication. Donors must complete the donation consent form and confirm that they agree to how the donated artifact shall be handled or used after the artifact has been added to the collection. In general, the Library shall have no restrictions on how it can handle or use these donated artifacts.

V. The following criteria should be considered before acquiring an artifact:

(I) Conform to collection objectives.

(II) Artifacts must be obtained legally, from an identifiable source, with clear property rights, and with legal or substantiating documents or certification.

(III) In principle, replicas of publications will not be accepted. If necessary, the collection is to be duplicated but to a maximum of 3 volumes only.

VI. The procedures for obtaining an artifact for collection are as follows: the collection staff must catalogue the artifact, assess its condition and the ability of the Library to maintain this artifact, and obtain the University Librarian’s approval before adding it to the Library Collection. If there is any controversy regarding a donated artifact, three to five experts or scholars, based on the type of artifact in question, shall be invited to evaluate whether the item conforms to the collection objectives of the Guidelines, the condition of the item, and if the Library is capable of maintaining the item. After this evaluation, the donated artifact shall be added to the Library Collection after being approved by the University Librarian. Artifacts that have been added to the Library Collection are referred to as collection items. Items that have no collectible value should be wholly or partially refused.

VII. Once the artifact has been approved by the Head Librarian or has passed the evaluation of the evaluation panel, the collection staff are to proceed with the collection procedures and to conduct preservation, maintenance or usage procedures according to collection management guidelines.

VIII. After confirming that the donated artifact has entered the Library Collection, the collection unit is to report to the University and hold a Donation Presentation Ceremony, or issue a letter of thanks to show their gratitude and appreciation.

IX. These Guidelines have been implemented after being approved by the University’s Administrative Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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