Amendment passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on May 29, 2012
Passed in the University’s 30th Library Committee Meeting on June 1, 2012
Passed in the University’s 1st Administrative Meeting on October 31, 2012


I. National Taiwan Normal University (hereinafter referred to as the University) hereby sets out the following guidelines for the preservation, maintenance, and management of the Historical School Artifacts Collection.

II. The University’s Historical School Artifacts Collection shall be maintained by a designated staff member qualified in archiving, preservation, maintenance and other related matters.

III. Collection item archive and storage:

(I) Obtain archive and storage number: After confirming the collection of an artifact, it shall be given an archive and storage number, which shall be affixed in a suitable location on the item, or numbered through another method deemed appropriate.

(II) Photograph the artifact: All artifacts must be photographed and the photo images archived.

(III) Archive: All artifacts must be electronically added to the Library Collection’s archive system, ensuring that all data is complete, accurate and managed securely.

(IV) The collected item should be registered as University property and processed according to relevant University regulations.

(V) Clean the item and check its condition: The item shall be cleaned before entering storage. A repair plan shall be submitted and approved if repairs or pest extermination are required. After this plan has been approved, the item shall be repaired, inspected, and returned to storage within the time stipulated. An item that has not been examined, cleaned, or undergone pest extermination shall not enter storage.

(VI) Entering storage: Store in designated areas based on the item category.

IV. According to its value and preservation status, an item is to be duplicated if necessary.

V. There are two types of Collection stocktaking, routine and unscheduled:

(I) Routine stocktaking: Collection staff shall perform routine stocktakes.

(II) Unscheduled stocktakes: The Library Collection supervisor shall conduct a repeat inspection based on the results of a routine stocktake. They shall also conduct unscheduled stocktakes at random. All stocktaking records shall be compiled by Library Collection staff and submitted to the Head Librarian for approval.

VI. All handling of the artifacts must be done with extreme care, when necessary related fittings and accessories shall be handled separately, to prevent falling or dismantling of the item.

VII. Library Collection staff shall relocate Collection items only after submitting an application for a relocation request and obtaining approval. Collection items cannot be removed from storage without a relocation application.

VIII. In principle, relocated items should be returned within the same day. Unless due to repair or exhibition needs, approval must first be granted and the item returned after the repair or the end of the exhibition period.

IX. When processing the relocation or return of a collection item, check and verify the relocated item according to the relocation content.

X. For the usage and lending of Collection items, please refer to the Guidelines for the Usage and Lending of the Collection of Historical School Artifacts at National Taiwan Normal University

XI. These Guidelines have been implemented after being approved by the University’s Administrative Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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