Subject [Announcement] Turnitin Launch New AI Writing Detection Feature
Posted by 推廣諮詢組

Turnitin has announced the launch of its AI writing detection capabilities (from now to Dec. 31th, 2023). This feature will help you as instructors, identify when AI writing tools such as ChatGPT may have been used to write any part of the content submitted in a student's assignment.
It will be automatically available within the products we use. Bear in mind that the AI detection results will not be visible to students; only instructors will be able to see it. Additionally, Turnitin will only be able to process submissions written in long-form English for AI detection.
AI detection has been added to the Turnitin Similarity report - this means that your existing workflow will remain unchanged.

More information about the Turnitin AI Writing Detection Feature:
Turnitin AI Writing Detection Feature-Instructor Guideline
Turnitin AI Writing Detection Feature-FAQ

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