Passed in the Library Affairs Meeting on November 19, 2008

Article 1
National Taiwan University Library (hereafter “the Library”) has established these guidelines for faculty to conduct research through books purchased for research projects. These guidelines apply to books purchased for any subsidized research project (excluding the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Book Project subsidized by the National Science Council). They are limited, however, to the books purchased for each professor’s own research projects. The standard Reading Rules apply if the professor wants to borrow books purchased for other research projects.

Article 2
The procedures for NTNU faculty to purchase and borrow books for research projects are as follows:

  1. Books purchased for research projects will be reviewed for acceptance by an acquisition team. Please follow the "Review Procedures for Department-Purchased Books (Including Books for Research)",The faculty member then needs to fill out the "Long-term Borrowing Application for Books for Research" (Those who need to access the books urgently should fill out the "Urgent Application Form for Department-Purchased Books (Including Books for Research)".)
  2. After the books are registered and processed, the Department of Circulation will notify the faculty member to apply for long-term borrowing. The application should be made with the project leader’s ID (if an assistant is making the application, the assistant’s own ID and a power of attorney must be presented).
  3. Books for research may be borrowed for 1.5 years. If the books are needed beyond this time, faculty members may apply for an extension from the Main Library.
  4. The Library will not accept reservations for books purchased for research projects during this period.
  5. Once the research project ends, the lending period expires, or the faculty member is finished using the books, books for research projects should be returned to the Library’s collection. The books’ status will then change from “books for research projects” to “general books” and made available to everyone.
  6. Any matters that are not addressed in these Guidelines shall be governed by other library policies deemed relevant.

Article 3
These Guidelines were implemented upon approval in the Library Affairs Meeting. The same shall apply to all subsequent amendments.

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