About Gungguan Library


The Gungguan library was opened in 1991. The building area is 5,749.5 square meters. There are seven floors. The Gungguan library was renovated in 2013 to keep up with the rapidly expanding collection, diverse services, and the growing needs of the patrons. The renovation has brought a new life to the library, which becomes livelier and more colorful. The reading area is more flexible with different types of purposes. For example, there are light reads area, popular science display, group discussion rooms and the common room. In addition, there are individual study rooms for the patrons to study in quiet. The transformed Gungguan library meet the patron’s needs better and demonstrate the featured collection on popular science promotion. This is the place that inspires the community to reach for the stars.


Visitor Information



Gongguan Station, Exit1


Take 0南、綠13、復興幹線(原74)、109、羅斯福幹線(原236)、236(區)、251(含區間車)、252、253、278、284、290、530、606、松江新生幹線(原642)、643、644、 647、648、650、660、849 to 「師大分部站」

Driving Directions

88, Sec.4, Tingzhou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

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