Book Shopping Festival

In order to promote the reading fashion among our NTNU community and hope to cultivate the reading habits in daily life. The library leads a group of students to visit the Eslite Bookstore, which has a unique reading atmosphere, and rich and diverse book selections, to select books for the NTNU library.

We hope that through the combination of the library and bookstore, the readers will be inspired to cultivate their reading habits. The diverse selection of books, the brightness in the bookstore, and the comfortable and relaxing reading atmosphere will surely let the readers wander through the worlds hidden between the pages. On the other side, the book shopping event empowers the readers to choose their collection for the library. The library can expand the selection, purchase the books that meet the needs, and build up a library that is open-minded, welcoming and lively.

2021 Book Shopping Festival

2020 Book Shopping Festival

2019 Book Shopping Festival

For more photos, please visit the album on the Gungguan library Facebook fan page. 2019圖書採購節

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