Circulation and Collection Management

[Main Lbrary] 1F Circulation Desk: +886-2-77495235  •  2F Reference & Information Desk: +886-2-77495250  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.
[Gungguan Library]: +886-2-77496889  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.
[Linkou Library]: +886-2-77498452  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.

Name Position Phone E-mail Duties
Yen-Fang Tsai Division Head 5225
  1. Plan and utilize of the reading space
  2. Plan and supervise the circulation service
  3. Plan and utilize the collection space
  4. Plan and supervise the interlibrary cooperation affairs
  5. Implement and control the budget of Division of Circulation and Collection Management
  6. Handle the emergency affairs
  7. Temporary assignments
Chia-Hsin Liu Senior Administrator 5224
  1. In charge of the circulation desk duty rotation
  2. Manage the announcements and webpage of the Division of Circulation and Collection Management
  3. Handle reader’s emergency cases and reply to reader’s comment
  4. Manage the circulation module in the automation system
  5. Convert reader’s data and data management
  6. Keep notes on the students in suspension and withdrawal, recall library loans
  7. Manage multi-library loan service card
  8. Manage the security system and the library security gate
  9. Train and supervise circulation desk part-time work
  10. Readers’ satisfactory survey
  11. Filing new staff and faculty library accounts
  12. Temporary assignments
Pao-Yuan Kuo Technical Specialist 5226
  1. Circulation desk duty
  2. Manage new books filing
  3. Cross-campus library request service
  4. Manage the attachment of the circulating materials
  5. Manage reservation books
  6. Look for missing books and books in transit
  7. Manage rapid cataloging/ recommended titles and the long-term loan by the department
  8. Manage the sixth-floor stack
  9. Library building inspection and repair
  10. Temporary assignments
Wen-Lin Yen Administrative Assistant 5228
  1. Late shift of the circulation desk duty
  2. Manage the seventh-floor stack
  3. Manage lockers and photocopiers
  4. Manage the common reading area
  5. Manage the second stack
  6. Manage library application and termination
  7. Circulation petty cash and receipts keeping
  8. Temporary assignments
Hsin-Yun Fan Administrative Assistant 5246
  1. Circulation desk duty rotation
  2. Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)
  3. Rapid Interlibrary Loan (Rapid ILL)
  4. Interlibrary card management
  5. NTU, NCCU and NTNU tri-university library bus
  6. New books display
  7. Assist with the reader satisfactory surveys
  8. Temporary assignments
Ya-Mei CingShuei Administrative Assistant 5227
  1. Circulation desk duty on weekends
  2. Manage the NTNU lending machine
  3. Manage reference books
  4. Manage newspapers
  5. Supervise part-time workers
  6. Promote reading events
  7. Lost and found
  8. Temporary assignments
Yun-Sheng Lee Administrative Assistant 5223
  1. Circulation desk duty
  2. Bound Periodicals
  3. Manage part-time workers subsidized by living expense aid
  4. Book withdrawals
  5. Manage fourth and fifth floor stack
  6. Manage Prunner and Taihoku high school collection
  7. Process and department libraries and book return and refunds
  8. Take care of the third stack
  9. Recall and trace back long overdue books
  10. Supervise volunteers
  11. Temporary assignments
Yao-Jheng Tseng Custodian 5233  
  1. Shelving book on the seventh floor
  2. Keep the environment clean and tidy
  3. Keep the international conference hall clean and tidy
  4. Assist the late shift staff closing the library
Circulation desk 5235,5236      
B1 Prunner Collection 5292      
B1 Study Area 5295      
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