Gungguan Library

[Main Lbrary] 1F Circulation Desk: +886-2-77495235  •  2F Reference & Information Desk: +886-2-77495250  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.
[Gungguan Library]: +886-2-77496889  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.
[Linkou Library]: +886-2-77498452  •  Personal phone: +886-2-7749+ext.

Name Position Phone E-mail Duties
Chuann-Liang Lin Director 6881
  1. Overview the branch library affairs
  2. Evening and Saturday shift of the circulation desk duty
  3. Temporary assignments
Chia-Hsin Liu Senior Administrator 6884
  1. Manage the circulation desk relevant affairs:
    (1)Weekdays, evening shift and Saturdays shift of the circulation desk duty
    (2)Borrow and Return: include NTNU library and interlibrary books
    (3)Cross-campus borrow and return, return books to the other branch, reservation delivery service
    (4)Patron and library record maintenance: patron’s records and file, loan history, etc
    (5)Temporary library card making and management
    (6)Statistic reports on circulation
    (7)Reply to patron’s comments
    (8)Overdue fee and lost book compensation
    (9)Gift shop and manage cashier
    (10) Photocopy service on all floors
  2. Manage the workstation, gift shop, popular science reading area, light reading area on the first floor
  3. Manage study area, notebook area, quiet discussion area on the second floor
  4. Manage the art and culture exhibition events and the display area
  5. Accounting affairs of the Gungguang library
  6. Management of part time workers
  7. Subject librarian of Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  8. Temporary assignments
Wen-Ling Lo Senior Staff 6887
  1. Circulation desk duty rotation for weekdays, evening shift and Saturdays
  2. Reference service and promotion related affairs:
    (1)Manage reference room: reference books, reference services, and course reserved books
    (2)Information retrieval service: database introduction, promotion and utilization
    (3)Reader’s utilization guidance: library tour for freshmen, database courses
    (4)Interlibrary cooperation: utilization guidance, request application, etc
    (5)Manage the Smile area on the third floor and the information retrieval area on each floor
    (6)Manage research rooms and group discussion room
  3. Audio-visual media acquisition, maintenance and management
  4. Gungguan Library webpage announcement and maintenance
  5. Gungguan Library social media management
  6. Subject library of Graduate institute of science education, Institute and undergraduate of Electro-Optical Engineering, Department of Physics
  7. Temporary assignments
Ay-Wen Lee Senior Staff 6896
  1. Weekdays, evening shift and Saturday shift of the circulation desk duty
  2. Periodicals:
    (1)Gungguan periodical room: Chinese and foreign language periodicals shelving, shelf-reading and moving
    (2)Chinese periodical selection, check-in, trace and bounding
    (3)Foreign periodical selection, check-in, trace, bounding, department pickup, Free-online periodical registration and maintenance
    (4)Periodical relevant queries
    (5)Manage periodical, thesis and dissertation, and reading area on fourth and fifth floor
  3. General affairs of Gungguan library: procurement, software and hardware, building maintenance and contact (including computers and audiovisual facilities)
  4. Lockers management
  5. Subject librarian of Department of Mathematics and Department of Earth Sciences
  6. Temporary assignments
Shan-Yin Yang Administrative Assistant 6895
  1. Circulation desk duty rotation for Sundays in Gungguan Library
  2. Circulation desk duty rotation for weekdays and evening shifts
  3. Book related affairs:
    (1)Bibliographic records of the new arrivals, statistic reports and new book displays
    (2)Book property safekeeping: damaged book repair, withdrawal broken books
    (3)Sixth and seventh stack management: shelving, read the shelves, move the shelves and reading area management
    (4)Plan and organize topic book display
  4. Safekeeping the equipment and properties in Gungguan library: stocktaking, maintenance, withdrawal and disposal, etc
  5. Manage painting stack and art bank project
  6. Gungguang library subject library contact
  7. Subject librarian of Department of Life Science, undergraduate and graduate programs of Nutrition Science, Graduate Institute of Sustainability Management and Environmental Education, and Institute of Marine Environmental Science and Technology
  8. Temporary assignments
Outsourcing Company      
  1. Clean and tidy the space and tables from first floor to seventh floor (research rooms, discussion rooms, and microform area)
  2. Public staircase and safety ladder cleaning and tidy
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