Digital Technologies and Information Systems

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Name Position Phone E-mail Duties
Tze-Ling Chang Acting Division Head 5266
  1. General management of the Div. of Digital Technologies and Information Systems
  2. Supervise and guide the information system development management and software and hardware procurement
  3. Supervise and guide digital archive project planning and execution
  4. Supervise and guide electronic resources management
  5. Support task group and temporary assignments
Shun-hong Sie Associate System Analyst 5267
  1. Database and host management
  2. Website system development
  3. Website system development and interfacing
  4. Digitalization project technical support
  5. TAEBDC project technical support
  6. Support the big data group
Yi-Ching Wu Senior Technician 5270
  1. Information equipment procurement and management
  2. Drupal system development and management
  3. Library website design and management
  4. Information safety
  5. Institutional repository integration
  6. Support subject librarian group
Chiu-Yun Yu Senior Technician 5268
  1. Library application system management
  2. Digitalization establishment and repository related projects
  3. Part-time worker training and management
  4. Long term preservation of the digital objects
  5. Support big data group
Fang-Ling Lin Administrative Assistant 5269
  1. Electronic resources integration management
  2. Electronic resources statistics and webpages management
  3. Research data management policy and related affairs
  4. Digital humanities tool application promotion services
  5. Support subject librarian group
Shih-Hsuan Wu Project Assistant 5263
  1. Conduct the Higher Education SPROUT Project by Ministry of Education
  2. Support academic communication group
  3. Temporary assignments
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