Reservation, Recall, Renew, and Overdue Rules


Please note that all the notifications of reservation, recall and renewal are subject to the My Library system. Email notification is just a reminder. The library system service might be unstable from time to time, causing the e-mail delivery failure or being sent to the spam folder. Please check your email storage and your unwanted email setting to avoid failed delivery messages. Emails not received or the mobile not receiving the notification cannot be the reason for exemption from overdue fines or for extending loans. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the patron should add the school email in the My Library system to avoid the aforementioned situation.

Please make good use of the My Library Account to view your loan list and maintain your profile regularly.


Excluding items that have been requested by another user to be held and not overdue, you may renew items only once. The due date will be extended for another loan period according to the status of the patron from the date of renewal.

Steps for library book renewal:

  1. Visit the library homapage and login My Library. Click on loans list.
  2. If you would like to renew all the items, please click on “Renew all.”
  3. 4. If you would like to renew selected ones, please tick the ones for renewal and then select “Renew” (Renewed: original due date, Now due: the new due date after renewal)


The patron may make an online reservation for the title that is currently on loan to others.

Once the reserved book is returned, the library will send out an email subjected with Reservation Available to the patron and keep the book for seven days. Please come to collect the book at the circulation desk at the designated library as soon as possible.


If the loan title is reserved by another patron, the loan period will be shortened to 14 days. The borrower should return the book(s) prior to the due date list on the Recall Notice email sent by the library. If the book is overdue, it is subject to the library lending rule, the late fee is NT$5 for each title. The patron’s borrowing right will be suspended until the overdue book is returned.


  1. If you cannot see the loan record or forget the password, please reach out to the librarian at the circulation desk in the library for help.
  2. The patron can renew books online. Please make sure to check the loan record after the renewal to see if the due date has been extended. The overdue issue caused by the incomplete renewal process cannot be accepted for the late return. Your understanding is appreciated.
  3. Should you have any question, please reach out to the circulation desk immediately. Thank you.
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Overdue rules

The books borrowed and the recall books should be return on time.

If the book is overdue, the late fee is NT$5 per item, and the borrowing privileges will be suspended until the overdue books returned.Since a small amount of fines are subject to a waiver policy, no overdue fines will be levied until the 3rd overdue day. However, the accrued fines must be paid in full from the 4th overdue day.

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