Compensation for Lost or Damaged Books

If the library book is lost or damaged, the borrower shall visit the library to report the loss before the due date. Once it is confirmed, the borrower shall purchase a new copy of the same title or a newer edition for replacement. If the title is no longer available on the market, the patron shall pay cash compensation.

If the borrower chooses to pay cash, the payment shall be completed in two weeks after the due date. If the borrower chooses to purchase the replacement, the book from the domestic supplier shall be delivered to the library in two weeks after the due date. If the title is ordered from abroad, it shall arrive within four months. If the title arrives later, it will be regarded as an overdue. The late fee will be charged. The late return fee before the loss report must be added as usual.

The price should be calculated based on Rule 9 in the Book Borrowing Policies. Either the physical book or cash compensation, each lost or damaged title will be charged with NT$100 processing fee.

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